As winter’s chill fades away, the warmth of spring rushes to greet us. The ground beneath us begins to soften and dormant seeds burst into full bloom, resulting in new life. The bright blooming azaleas and lush green landscapes reappear and once again, our city will showcase its natural beauty.

In Augusta, the azaleas signature blooms makes them a perennial favorite—they survive the winter and bloom again. Perennials are often considered the heart of the garden due to how rewarding they are, year after year, as well as the fact that they offer an enormous variety of colors, sizes, fragrances and bloom times.

As outside, so inside. In the recent loss of my son Zakkary, the change in season prompts me to consider nature as a metaphor. Each spring, we see new life and richer soil. The change of season brings about a time to make way for new possibilities and new commitments. It’s a time for renewal and growth. A time to revive, expand and begin again.

As the warm wind blows through my soul, there is an opening that is softening the walls of pain, little by little. Slowly, I am opening to the idea of nourishing a season in me that is filled with passion, creativity and dreaming.

My love for Zakkary will last my lifetime. It will not fade because much like the azaleas, my love for Zakkary is the heart of my garden for all time and will continue to bloom. I will honor that, protect it and know that even this part of my life is a beautiful season and a part of the permanent landscape of who I am…and that will always hold a special beauty and magic all its own.

As the days become longer, the sun brighter and the Earth greener, I hope for you and your family that you imagine yourselves in full bloom.

Until April,

Renee Williams

This article appears in the March 2018 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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