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As a child, few things are as memorable as the rite of passage of summer camp. Sleeping under the stars, swimming in the lake, making fire-roasted marshmallows, singing silly camp songs and making new friends are all the elements needed for a magical summer.

I didn’t meet my best friend, Roxanne at summer camp but our pregnant mothers (pregnant with us) did meet one another in a public restroom after randomly striking up a conversation about their due dates. Think the rom com romp Sweet Home Alabama-baby in the bar scene. I find complete hilarity in the divine orchestration of a higher power in arranging our first encounter in such a non-conventional manner of meeting my best friend, while we were still yet in our mother’s womb. 

As children, Roxanne and I spent our summers together camping, playing Fashion Plates, stargazing, hosting talent shows or participating in some dangerous activity like catching poison ivy or poisonous bugs. As we got to high school, our summers began to consist of spring break vacations in St. Augustine Fla.,Van Halen and boys. Then, as the years kept rolling on, our summers consisted of Disney World with our children, themed birthday parties and lake outings.

So coming around full circle in life, this year will be no different and by the time this issue hits the stands, Roxanne and I will be sailing the high seas and cruising to Cozumel, Mexico, the Cayman Islands and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

But really, our exotic destinations, five-star dining and daily calendar of special activities is just the backdrop for us to share our bigger adventures of juggling life, friends, work and family because somewhere out there surrounded by rainforests, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, lagoons and underwater caverns, her and I can once again be those two little girls who grew up together, shared all of life’s biggest moments together and still going at it.

Happy Summer Camp Guide issue and Bon Voyage!

Until May,

Renee Williams
[email protected]

This article appears in the April 2018 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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