By Karin Calloway


My nephews remind me of those word problems in math: Peppa is to Graham what Thomas was to Gage…

Graham recently turned 4 and is more than slightly Peppa-obsessed. His Peppa village rivals only his brother’s Thomas-themed train table when he was 4. 

I often joke that I’ve “aged out” of the demographic of the readership of this magazine, which is approximately 25-45. However, having two young nephews has kept me up on family life today. When my children were young, we limited their television time. Now it’s the iPad time that my sister, Leslie, monitors for her boys. 

I take great pride in the fact that I know who Peppa Pig is. (I even got a bit excited when I found out that the Peppa touring show is coming to Augusta October 23.) At Graham’s age my kids watched Barney. (Is the big purple dinosaur still on TV?) 

Now that Gage, 7, is older, I’m not so up on the things he’s interested in. He’s a sports fanatic. No matter what the season, Gage knows who is winning, losing and the stats of each game. His knowledge far surpasses mine but boy, do I love listening to him recite his long list of sports statistics and game schedules.

Graham’s not into sports yet, but he does have one funny obsession: Easter eggs. He declared Easter his favorite holiday and hasn’t stopped filling and hiding Easter eggs since March. Whenever family comes to visit, Graham hides his eggs and then leads the guests on an Easter egg hunt—in September! 

Sometimes life gives you wonderful surprises, and one of those is my sister Leslie. She was quite a surprise to my 38-year-old mother and almost-40 father. Pregnancies in your late 30s were considered high-risk at the time. I was a freshman in high school when Leslie was born and have been one of the main beneficiaries of the surprise that is Leslie. Not only do I have an amazing sister and friend, but I’ve got two adorable nephews who keep me hip to on family life today—and all things You Tube Kids and Peppa Pig.

Until November,


This article appears in the October 2016 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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