We love crafts that use common household products and are easy to make. With some imagination and simple items like washi tape, markers, construction paper and poster board, kids can create projects they can use to have fun for hours around the house.

Paper Plane in the Hole Game

Thick poster board
Stock or construction paper

To make the upright “corn-hole” style game board, cut three holes in one section of the poster board: one 8 inches, one 10 inches and one 12 inches in diameter. Place the holes in locations at a distance from each other. Use markers to assign a point value next to each hole such as 10, 20 and 40. You can add stickers or draw and color the rest of the board. The players will try to “fly” their planes through the holes to get points. Use two books to stand the board up and then start the game by sending airplanes through the holes. Players can decide how far away they can stand and how many turns to take. Keep tally to see who wins!

See instructions on how to fold the perfect paper planes on the DYI Network! Make different shapes and sizes to get the most points.

DIY Town and Roadway

Various sizes and colors of washi tape
Small toys cars, trucks or emergency vehicles
Small cardboard boxes

You can use washi tape to design and create a racetrack on any wooden, carpet, cardboard or tiled surface. Washi tape is easy to remove and doesn’t have high-tack adhesion. (However, we don’t recommend leaving the tape on floors for too long.) Let your kids design a homemade racecourse with multiple lanes by using long pieces of washi tape on the sides of roads and short pieces of tape in the middle to denote passing lanes or parking spaces. Kids can use cardboard boxes to make tunnels or shops, banks and a post office where cars can park and visit. There is no limit to the ideas you can create! Make an entire town center with hospitals, mechanic shops and cafés and spend the afternoon traveling through it.

See Pinterest for ideas:

For young NASCAR fans, alternate tracks can be fashioned after specific NASCAR racetracks such as Atlanta Speedway, Daytona 500 or Charlotte Raceway. The tracks can be oval, tri-ovals or rectangle shapes.