Graphic novels, or comics, have always been a big part of a kid’s world. Who remembers spending afternoons enjoying superhero stories through graphic illustrations? In addition to the traditional story content, new topics are unfolding into graphic novels from modern narratives these days. The latest boom in children’s publishing is catching the eyes of young readers dealing with real world issues like body image, mental health and divorce. Young kids are resonating with comics that incorporate human characters with real life problems.

Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art is offering a Cartoons and Comics Drawing Class for kids 11 -13, starting Wednesday, September 23, 4:30 – 6pm. Whether your student enjoys the traditional comic characters or would like to dive into illustrations with modern imagery, Art Abdon is providing his professional experience as a graphic artist, painter and illustrator to local area kids. The course will be taught through ZOOM and the link is provided the day before class begins. Visit,, to register.

Illustrations by Michael Rushbrook