Colonial Times Living History Park
By LeeAnn Rhoden

Colonial Times Living History Park is a gem in downtown North Augusta. Amidst the bustling activities of a growing downtown and the new SRP Park, the Living History Park is a quiet refuge. A grand open space with a babbling creek, chirping birds and a return to the 18th century. The park was created from an overgrown abandoned waterworks by the Olde Towne Preservation Association, with permission of the city and the use of donations of money and labor. The park is now a lovely open space with a working grist mill. There are meandering paths which lead you to the colonial barn, a tavern, a forge, vegetable gardens, an apothecary shop and a woodworking shop to illustrate town life in the 1700s.

Colonial Times is open seven days a week, 365 days a year. They host several events each year. Each April and again in October there is Education Day where children and students can learn about life in the 18th century. Also, in April is the “Under the Crown and Trades Fair” event. This is a re-enactment of revolutionary war-time skirmishes and tensions when the Crown occupied colonial towns. The concurrent Trades Fair highlights crafts and wares of colonial artisans.

The last Saturday of each month, from January through November, the park hosts activities and interpreters of the colonial period. This is an excellent opportunity for adults and children to interact with people and life of this period. The activities and interpreters vary from month to month and to add to the fun, you are invited to dress in period clothing and participate.

The third weekend in October is Colonial Times: A Day to Remember. This event gathers craftsmen and artisans from all over to demonstrate daily life in the late 1700s. There is pottery, weaving, spinning, blacksmithing and so much more. The wares and crafts are available to purchase as well.

Christmas in the Backcountry is the last Saturday in November and is one of their best events. You can see how the colonials celebrated Christmas with decorations and the Christmas foods they had available. You get to participate in the celebration and it will be a treasured memory for you and your family.

While the park is open daily from dawn to dusk, there are times when the park is closed to the public for reserved private events. The Colonial Barn has meeting space and Wi-Fi to accommodate business meetings. You can reserve the park for weddings, corporate events, meetings, family gatherings, graduation parties, and other events.

Be sure to put Colonial Times Living History Park on your list of places to explore and as an event venue option. Check out their calendar for events and availibilty by visiting their website at For general information about the park, you can call 803-979-9776 or for specific information and reservations call Lynn Thompson, Chairman of the Living History Park and President of the Olde Towne Preservation Association, at 803-279-7560.

Location: 299 W. Spring Grove Ave., North Augusta, SC 29841

Budget: Admission is free. Parking is street parking around the park area. Support of the Colonial Times Living History Park is by tax deductible donations and sponsorships.

What To See: See the working grist mill and recreated colonial buildings and parks. Check their calendar for the living history re-enactments, education days, and other events.

If You Go: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes or period clothing! Be prepared to walk and explore. Take a camera to capture the fun.

This article appears in the June/July 2018 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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