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Globes and Maps

by Meredith Flory   A strong awareness of geography and quality Social Studies instruction can positively impact today’s students as they grow up with global opportunities for learning, working, and traveling.  While unfortunately not always given as much attention, historical, cultural, and geographical awareness can help students make connections in other subject areas.  The Georgia Council for the Social Studies, in their position statement available online, shares that the quality social studies instruction they advocate for can help students “develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic...

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The Gift Of Quality Time

by Meredith Flory   The month of December is a hectic time for many families.  Filled with holiday celebrations, recitals and school activities, there’s a rush of shopping, working, and events that may leave your family having fun, but feeling frazzled.  However, as we enter the new year, if you then find a lull in your family calendar, the last few days of break or the following weekends of cold, dreary winter days, can be the perfect time to reconnect with your children and spend one-on-one time away from distractions and the daily routine of parenting.  Planning a “date”...

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Story Tellers and Gamers

by Meredith Flory   When I first met my husband and learned that one of his hobbies was tabletop role playing games, I honestly didn’t know what he was talking about.  I think I mustered a, “like Dungeons and Dragons?” but I had no idea of what game play looked like or the diverse array of settings, systems, and styles available for this hobby.  These games, known as RPGS, are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as aspects of geek culture become more mainstream and continue to welcome an increasingly diverse fanbase that includes more women and the children and...

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Music Therapy

by Meredith Flory   Music, like reading, challenges our thinking skills, encourages our creativity and increases our emotional intelligence.  When I was teaching English, I would often bounce ideas off of my husband, who was a music educator at the time. Of things regarding how I might incorporate music into the classroom – such as playing music from the countries we were reading stories from or using song lyrics to teach aspects of language, rhetoric and vocabulary.  At times he would work to connect music from his choirs to lessons for other teachers, such as singing music from a...

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Raising Readers Through the Holidays

by Meredith Flory   Last year, we moved to Texas right around Halloween.  I have two little ones who love to dress up and eat candy any chance they are given, and a husband who loves purple and orange decorations and activities meant to scare, so of course my family is excited about a holiday dedicated to these things.  While we got in a trip to Steed’s Dairy one last time before we left the CSRA, knowing we would miss it, we quickly noticed that we had moved to a city that was filled with decorations and family friendly...

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