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For Heaven’s Sake, Vaccinate!

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. It’s  back to school time and along with new clothes, middle school drama, and bus schedules, another parental worry has reared its ugly head…vaccines.  Just when you thought the Jenny McCarthy brand of vaccine opposing lunacy has subsided, an outbreak of preventable measles is sweeping the country, mostly affecting school age children.  Last year recorded the second highest number of cases since measles was essentially eradicated in the U.S. in 2000.  Most health experts attribute this rise to the decreased vaccination status of children. People who are fully vaccinated against measles have very little...

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Women With Special Needs

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. I have resisted writing on this topic for a while largely due to my ignorance regarding a number of the conditions I will address, and because I wasn’t sure of the need. I was wrong.  The special needs a gynecology patient shares many of the same problems and issues as the general population yet they deserve a necessary sensitivity to their unique challenges. The first hurdle exists in the mind of the provider.  Just because a woman has autism spectrum disorder or is wheelchair bound doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the same sexual issues,...

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A Nightmare on Mall Street

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. Listen up moms…this could be your child! I recently spent way too much time at a mall.  For me, this is like being forced to watch a Gossip Girl marathon, sort of in between sadistic torture and cultural enlightenment.  I was in Nashville, Tennessee for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Country Music Marathon (I’ve got to get them to shorten that name!) and I was flying solo and had time to kill before carb loading.  My wife elected to stay at home and avoid a six hour car ride with someone who smelled like...

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Healthy Golf

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. April in Augusta means one thing…pollen!  But there is also a little sporting event that seems to capture the hearts and minds of the known universe, so in homage to The Masters, here is how to both play and watch golf in a healthy fashion. Like anyone wants to do that! Like many things, Tiger Woods ushered in the era of the muscular, fit, healthy appearing golfer.  Compare his physique to those pros of the past (i.e. a young and portly Jack Nicklaus) and you can see a drastic difference in the current attention...

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Wow! That Hurts!

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. When we think of inflammation most of us envision the reddened swollen toe of the gout sufferer or the hot tender knee of the weekend warrior.  Indeed these devilish conditions are a direct result of inflammation, yet this natural process impacts much more than over-used appendages.  For example, many people don’t associate inflammation with heart disease, yet research is conclusive that the inflammatory response is partly responsible for the artery clogging plaques that lead to chest pain and heart attacks. Let’s take a brief repose to review what happens in a typical inflammatory response. ...

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