Taking the trash out, pulling weeds, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning rooms and feeding the animals: These are a few of the chores on many teens’ home chore lists. If done well, and done weekly, then parents agree to dole out some cash to home younglings. However, two challenges always seem to present themselves, at least in our house, in the weekly tide. Firstly, keeping up with the completion of chores from day to day is always hit or miss. During the typical hours making up work and home, it is a challenge to consistently check on chore progress. Secondly, inevitably, when our kids come around for the weekly pay-out, we never have cash on hand to pay them. It requires pulling money out at the next store visit or a run to the bank, and the weekly allowances start to pile up due to our forgetfulness.

Thankfully, app creators have thought of ways to handle the chore/allowance debacle. Here are a few apps that manage chores and teach the value of working for a dollar along the way. Some of the apps are connected to bank accounts or reloadable debit card, others are not. The options are flexible for you to choose.

  1. Chore Check, chorecheck.com/home. There are 2 options to use: the free app or, for $9/month, the upgraded service that includes a saving or checking account, and a debit card for kids. Parents can create chores, schedule chore manager and assign a dollar amount to each task. Kids manage chore completion using the app; parents approve when and how the app pays the kids.
  2. FamZoo, famzoo.com. $5.99/monthly or a monthly pay-in-advance fee. This app is for parents who prefer to transfer allowance to reloadable debit cards. Kids ages 6 and up can use the app to track their chores and see what they earn. There are more parental controls like screen visibility, and the choice to turn off debit cards to indicate failure of completion.
  3. Homey, homeyapp.net. Free for up to three accounts. This app that focuses on chore management and communication has a family chat feature. Pictures can be sent as proof that chores are complete. There is also an option to assign a family responsibility (for which there is no payment) versus work (which provides cash payment from the parent).
  4. Our Home, ourhomeapp.com. This free app teaches young kids about task management at home. It helps parents keep track of chores and weekly goals. Points are given for chores completed and parents decide the reward. Parents can set reminders and send messages through the app.
  5. iAllowance, https://www.jumpgapsoftware.com/allowance/index.html. $2.99, single fee. Allowance or stars can be earned for chores that are completed. This app teaches money (or star) management by adding or deducting transactions made in kids’ banks. Rewards can be given for stars such as ice cream, or screen time, while money is provided for older kids. Parents can track their children’s earnings.

Photo by Joselyn Pickens on Pexels