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Author Angela Marshall is an Augusta native using her unique experiences as a teen mother, ex-NFL wife and businesswoman to inspire adults and youth through writing and speaking.  Several years ago the author left the corporate world to pursue a passion for telling stories and mentoring others, and her influence is being felt in our community and beyond.

When asked about the courage to change her career course, she reflected on the impact of her mother’s cervical cancer diagnosis and eventual passing: “I watched her transition from living a life of fulfillment and freedom to one that deteriorated in a matter of a year and a half.  Before her death, we were allowed one final conversation that gave me the courage, audacity and faith to pursue what is become a reality in my life— I went from being a spectator to a motivator.”

While Angela is now known as “Author Stone”, the seeds of becoming an author were planted much earlier in Marshall’s life.  She remembers her fourth grade teacher Mrs. Susie Smith who provided the young student with creative writing opportunities at Monte Sano Elementary School.  These writing experiences inspired her to start journaling.  She explains, “every book I have published is a result of words, emotions and situations I captured over the years.”

Marshall shares her experiences in her book Reality to Rags to Riches: The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife at speaking engagements where she uses those stories to “encourage and empower attendees to live vicariously through yourself, convert downs in life to wins, and turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.” In addition to promoting her book worldwide and participating in speaking engagements for adults, she has a youth program entitled L.E.A.D. (Listen, Education, Ambition and Determination) that teaches children ages 6-17 how to be leaders.  One lesson focuses on key ways to combat bullying.  The author has learned to spy the exact moment when her presentations connect with participants as she cites the time a few children delivered drawings saying “they were going to try their best with the pledge against being a bully.”

While Marshall travels globally to promote her books and platform, she is very active in the Augusta community spending time with friends and family and giving back to local programs. One of those partnerships is with the Richmond County Marshal’s Department which allows her “to interact and plant seeds into our youth.” 

For parents and readers of Augusta Family magazine, she encourages each person to “live free, live full, live fueled and live filled”, by defining the blank space of what that means individually. Author Stone admits, “living free means I’m no longer in bondage to society standards and pressure.  Living fueled means meditating, praying and growing spiritually.  Living filled means family first and family always.  Living full means to live each day with a purpose, pen and prayer.  Always have a non-negotiable reason to wake up, memories and goals to record that you don’t want to erase, and an honest conversation with the phenomenal, unique and dynamic reflection in your mirror.”

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This article appears in the September/October 2019 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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