By Jennie Montgomery


I loved Spring Break trips when I was in college and have so many fun memories! The much-anticipated week always came at exactly the right time.  

My own college kids seem to really enjoy the Spring Break memories they’re making, too.

I’ve noticed, though, with each passing year fewer pictures are posted on social media. Hmmm…maybe that’s a good thing! As long as they’re making decent choices, I figure they’ve earned that week to kick back, forget about their classes and deadlines and just have fun.

That Zack surely knows how to work it!  

Where do I start? In Zack’s World, Spring Break is something to be observed whether or not you are actually a student.

Yep, Zack still joins his friends on their annual Spring Break trip, even though he is the one who opted out of college for the burning desire to follow his passion.

Did I mention that in Zack’s World compensation is not necessarily a part of that passion? The term “Starving Artist” comes to mind. Only he’s not starving because he has a room in my house. (And even though I’m the world’s worst about grocery shopping, there’s always something canned in the pantry AND there’s a sad little dented and ice-covered vegetarian entrée in the freezer…that no one has been starving quite enough to eat in the last two or three years!)

Zack gave me little notice that he was making a road trip with his (soon-to-graduate) friends. I asked him to help me put out the Masters flag but he said, “Didn’t I tell you I’ve got Spring Break?” In Zack’s World, one can only complete a single task at a time: “Sorry! See you in 10 days, Mom.”

I guess hanging my flag would have delayed his not-even-legit Spring Break by what, 5 minutes? Come on!
Well, the boy surprised me. Four nights later he and his buddies showed up at the house just to SURPRISE ME. He didn’t want money, didn’t need a place to crash—they were passing through and he wanted to hug my neck.  

Zack’s World is anything but predictable!

This article appears in the May – June 2015 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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