“I am a SuperHero Too!”

Art is not fading away, in fact it is blossoming right here in the CSRA. Area middle school students have an opportunity to learn a form of art through a new program, After-School Arts Program or ASAP. Students will have an opportunity to learn comic book and character development as well as storytelling 101 and the art business. Students also have an opportunity to learn using a wide variety of mediums. If you are interested in learning more about our program, check out our different packages for more information and registration at www.arttheartist.biz/asap

What will Children Learn through the ARTS?
Students will review these mediums below, but not use in application

Week 1-2 Gesture Drawing with Pencil

Week 1-2 Pencil Sketching

Week 1-2 Non-Photo Blue/Construction lines

Week 1-2 Use of Tracing Paper

Week 3-4 Child’s discovery of their own Style of Drawing

Week 3-4 Cartooning

Week 3-8 Pen and ink

Week 5-6 Color Pencils

Week 5-8 Markers

Week 11-12 Digital & Computer Graphics

Week 9 Painting

Week 10 Charcoal

Week 11 Spray Paint

Week 12-14 Complete Hand Drawn Comic Book and Presentations of Their Stories

This article appears in the August 2019 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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