Whether you spend Christmas Eve with a small gathering of family or if you open invitations to a house full of people, these 10 fun games will make the night more enjoyable and get friends and family in a laughing mood. Some of these suggestions are great with the smallest guests or family members, especially the Guess Those Ornaments or the Marshmallow Snowball Toss! Visit, www.bestlifeonline.com or www.playpartyplan.com/christmas-games/ for more fun Christmas Eve games.

  1. Guess Those Ornaments is exactly as it sounds. Guests or family members can take turns at guessing the number of ornaments on the tree. The winner can choose the next game or even choose a small wrapped gift under the tree, like a pack of gum or dollar store trinkets. If you don’t know the exact number of ornaments on your tree, not to worry! Guesstimate it and then write the number down on a piece of paper. Whoever guesses the number (or closest to the number) wins!
  2. Like Pictionary, Christmas Carol Pictionary is played with teams who draw against one another. However, in Christmas Carol Pictionary players only draw versions of Christmas Carols that their members guess. As soon as the correct answer is given, guests can sing the song for additional points!
  3. Christmas Movie Trivia requires guests to recognize familiar lines from classic holiday movies. Print out some favorites ahead of time and then let the guessing begin. Some good movies to choose from are Elf, The Polar Express, A Christmas Story (“you’ll shoot your eye out!”), The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street, A Charlie Brown Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.
  4. Carol Humbug Clues challenges guests to hum the first line of a Christmas carol and see who can recognize and write it down first!
  5. Always a favorite with the youngest guests is Snowball Toss. This one involves tossing marshmallows to fellow team players, aiming to make it in their mouths. Every time the target is hit correctly, the team gets 1 point. Set a timer and see which team hits the target the most in one minute! (Requires post-game cleaning!!)
  6. Marshmallow Jenga uses large marshmallows to stack on coasters until they topple.
  7. OH! Tannenbaum. With a sheet of construction paper, each player has one minute to attempt to rip the paper to resemble a Christmas Tree, behind their backs! Older members of the family can be the judges as they choose which “piece of art” resembles most ole Tannenbaum.
  8. The goal in Jingle Jam is to bang as many jingle bells (you could also use ping pong balls) out of a tissue box that is attached to your head with a ribbon while music from a favorite holiday tune is played. The person who succeeds in getting all the jingle bells out of the box wins. You can use different sized jingle bells/balls and the players are not allowed the use of their hands!
  9. In Christmas POPs players are challenged to pop either red or green balloons (according to their team colors) with winter gloves on their hands before time runs out.
  10. Ornament Curling is played in a large room with wooden floors and two lines of tape. Place the lines of tape on opposite sides of the room. Have players take a small round, inexpensive ornament and a gift box and stand at one of the lines as the start line. Using their gift box, and not touching the ornament, players are required to fan their gift boxes toward their ornament until they get it to roll across the room and cross the other (finish) line. They may not touch the ornament with their gift box or else they are disqualified.

Photo by Othmar Vigl from Pexels

Aimee Serafin, editor of the Augusta Family Magazine.