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Guide To Getting Your Pre-Teens & Teens To Exercise

By Cammie Jones   Summer is halfway over and after the first couple weeks of laziness, it was time to get my kids motivated. As a mother of three girls ages 9, 13 and 15, we spend a lot of time driving kids around to various activities, many of them overlapping in the summer. Sleeping until 11 a.m. is not unusual for the teenagers and staying up late at night is a norm for all three. Sorry, I think I tend to play the lazy mom card with the 9-year-old when it comes to bedtime during the summer. Let’s...

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Smart Mom’s Guide To Time Savers

By Cammie Jones   We are all busy people – there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all of our stuff accomplished. A great line I heard lately is that when someone asks you how your day was, instead of answering “busy,” say, “full.”  I like that answer so much better because it reminds us that we should be thankful that we do have full days, which to me equals a full life. So, yes, we should be appreciative of our health and well-being and ability to have “full” days, but we can still use a few...

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Guide To Juicing

By Cammie Jones   We are inundated  with so many new diet and nutrition fads today that sometimes I just can’t wrap my head around all of them. Juicing seems to be another new way to get healthy and fit. What is juicing? What are the health benefits? Juicing is simply a term used for the process of extracting the juice from a fruit or vegetable manually or electronically using a juicing machine. According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no scientific evidence that juicing is healthier than the juices you get from eating whole fruits and vegetables. Also,...

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15-Minute Fixes

By Cammie Jones   15 minutes—900 seconds… It sure doesn’t sound like enough time to do much of anything. But, in reality, quite a lot can be accomplished in this short time  frame. You can choose to do nothing during this time, and that is perfectly fine. However, you can also choose to do something productive and check something off your unending “list.” This is perfectly fine, too. Here are a few things you can do in a 15-minute period. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get going! 1) Exercise There are plenty of exercise programs on On Demand or from a Google search that...

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