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Homework: To Help or Not to Help

By Cammie Jones When it comes to homework at my house, it can set the tone (good or bad) for the afternoon during the school year.  The kids come home after a long day at school, usually have a snack and then dive right in.  I’ve always grappled with how much to help them.  How much should I be helping (if at all) and at what point do I let them sink or swim? Give your child autonomy Erika A. Patell, assistant professor of educational psychology in the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin, says...

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Guide to Travel Sports

By Cammie Jones Way back in the olden days (the 80s), you just didn’t hear about so many kids playing travel sports and if you did know someone, it was most likely a boy playing soccer. Times have certainly changed and today you see travel football, baseball, dance, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball and more.  It’s not just for guys anymore either – girls are just as heavily involved. As a parent how can you decide if playing a travel sport is best for your child, and, maybe more importantly, for your family? PROS Team Bonding Making new friends off and...

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Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Vacation Planning

By Cammie Jones While juggling day-to-day activities, it is often difficult to know what you are cooking for dinner much less know how to plan a weekend or week long family vacation. Where do you start? How do you plan the perfect vacation when you are barely getting through the day? Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling and remember, there are no “perfect vacations” so just roll with it (no pun intended), keep it real and you will successfully plan and execute an epic adventure for you and your family. 1. Pick Your Destination Are...

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Kids’ Responsibilities, Expectations & Age-Appropriate Chores

By Cammie Jones I am guilty of sometimes doing too much for my girls, even though they are completely capable of doing it themselves. Some of the reasons for this are selfish from my end because I want the task done my way (e.g. folding clean laundry and putting it away for them). I still make my kids’ lunches too. Why do I still do this for my 10, 14 and 16 year old girls? My mom made me an egg salad sandwich and packed a real coke for me every day through high school. It was such a...

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Capsule Wardrobes

By Cammie Jones   What is a capsule wardrobe? The term “capsule wardrobe” was first coined in 1979 by Susie Faux, owner of a London boutique. A capsule wardrobe is basically a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of style. This wardrobe can be anything from pants, tops, skirts or coats to be paired or layered with seasonal pieces. Creating a capsule wardrobe and cleaning out your closet of non essentials go hand in hand and can be done in just a few easy steps. Perfect for spring cleaning!  1. Look in your...

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