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5 Things You Need to Know about Autism

By Cammie Jones   Autism is diagnosed in 1 of 68 children and more often in boys. As a parent at this point in my life with two teens and a preteen, I know of many families who have a child with autism. When I think about the kids I know, I don’t automatically refer to him or her as the autistic one. I first think about how amazing the child is and how, even though they may have special needs, that label really doesn’t play into my description of each of them. With that said, here is a...

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Planning a Disney World Trip

By Cammie Jones   Disney World! Just the sound of that word is magical. From experience, I think it really is. However, the task of planning such a trip can be a little daunting. What is a must — see? Where should we stay? Is it worth the extra cash to stay in a Disney World property? I checked out some recent websites and talked to a local “Disney World Professional” to get some advice. 1. Before you Book It, Do you Research! Research is necessary for a trip like this. Start with a Google search on tips for...

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Landing a Camp Counselor Job

By Cammie Jones   You are either a camper or not. I really don’t think there is anything in between, at least not in my experience. If you do have a camper who wants to continue the camp experience after they have aged out of the camp, he or she may want to look into a summer job as a camp counselor. I  can’t think of a better way to continue experiencing all summer camp has to offer than by actually working there.  Here are some tips about what you need to do to get that summer camp counselor...

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Planting a Small Garden

By Cammie Jones   Once I tried when my children were younger,  yet failed to grow a garden. I do believe the reason I failed is that I didn’t take the steps necessary to ensure success and I didn’t exactly take good care of the garden once it was planted. Lesson learned. That was years ago and just recently I started to think that maybe it was time to test my green thumb again. I turned to my friend Campbell Vaughn, who is the Agricultural and Natural Resource Agent at the UGA-Richmond County Extension Service for advice about how...

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A Special Valentine’s Day

By Cammie Jones   The history of Valentine’s Day has varied explanations but all point to a common theme: love. Valentine’s Day began with the Roman festival called Lupercalia, held in the middle of February. The festival celebrated the coming of Spring and included fertility rights and giving women to men in a lottery. It was officially renamed St. Valentine’s Day at the end of the fifth century by Pope Gelasius. There are a couple of accounts of who “Valentine” was in history. One explanation is the name came from a priest who was martyred in 270 CE. He...

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