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Quick, Healthy Breakfast & Lunch Ideas

By Cammie Jones   Before school starts each year, I try to be creative when it comes to breakfast and lunch ideas for my girls. The usual will work for a while – think cereal and toast for breakfast and turkey and peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, and a bag of chips or crackers for lunch.  But, after a few weeks, the girls want something different, and honestly, I do too!  Here are some ideas that I have used over the years and some that others have suggested to make both breakfast and lunch a little more unusual and pleasing...

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Keeping Kids Active in the Summer Heat

By Cammie Jones   It’s summer! The first few days after school are blissful — the kids are happy, sleeping late, excited about the long, lazy days of summer and upcoming camps and vacation time. All is well for a week or so and then, BOOM, the summer boredoms set in. It’s too hot to go outside and all the events that were so much fun at the beginning of the summer are getting old. How can you keep your kids active, safe and happy in the summer heat? Exercise in the Early Morning / Evening If you have...

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Entertaining Kids on Road Trips

By Cammie Jones Road Trip! It sounds so fun and exciting. However, when it comes to riding in a car for more than an hour or two with small children, the thought of it can increase your blood pressure by a zillion! If you want to survive a long trip with your kids, then read on for some great ideas to keep those little sweethearts occupied. 1. The Obvious – Electronics! Even if you are one who likes to limit and control how much time your child watches television or plays on his or her tablet or Ipad, this...

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Packing Kids for Camp

By Cammie Jones If you have a camper, then you know when it comes to packing for an overnight camp experience, it can be both time consuming and confusing. Depending on the duration of the camp (one week, two weeks or a month), it can be tricky getting the right stuff and not overpacking your child’s trunk. Most camp websites include a packing list to use as a guide but sometimes hearing from some seasoned campers and parents could be more accurate. Here are some tips from the experts: 1. Less is More. There will be a huge list...

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Sprucing up Your Home & Yard

By Cammie Jones Spring is a great time to give the outside of your home and yard a mini makeover. Think a fresh coat of paint, a new potted plant or even some fun and funky house numbers. 1. Start with Your Yard. The first thing people see as they are driving by your home is your front yard. Now is the time to take note and create a cleanup plan.  Add wood chips or fresh, long-cut pine straw to your flower and plant beds. Trim the bushes or trees to look neat. Cut the grass and fertilize if...

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