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Raising Well-Spoken Readers

BY Meredith Flory When i was pregnant with my first child, my friend Kylie sent me several articles concerning how we talk with babies, even in the womb. Her mother is an early childhood specialist and had come across research on the importance of talking to little ones as a predictor in education and success. One of these articles, “The Power of Talking to Your Baby,” appeared in the New York Times the same month that I gave birth to my daughter, sharing powerful evidence that the act of talking to infants and small children regularly was a major part...

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Raising Resilient Readers

BY Meredith Flory As a military spouse, I’ve heard the term “resiliency” in reference to resources on post that help soldiers and families develop the skills needed to cope with the challenges of military life. Last year my husband went through the Master Resiliency Training Course in order to learn how to lead other soldiers to resiliency, and he often came home discussing ideas that could be helpful at work and home. One thing that astonished him was the idea of negativity biases—how we react more strongly and quickly to negative things than positive things—and how easily we pass our...

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Raising Traveling Readers

BY Meredith Flory Keeping children quiet and entertained while traveling can seem like a daunting task. But what if we approach the time it takes to get to our destination as time available to learn with our children? Thinking creatively about how to best use your child’s undivided attention when they’re buckled in might help us enjoy the journey more. Just as adults might pick reads that seem more leisurely on vacation, students can get the benefit of reading while focusing on activities that seem more fun than work. Melissa Watson, Teacher Librarian at Stevens Creek Elementary School discussed motivating...

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Creative Reading Spaces

BY Meredith Flory On my birthday last year, I was very pregnant, it was storming outside and I just wanted to curl up with a good book. However, unlike my first pregnancy, I had an energetic toddler with cabin fever on my hands. I wracked my brain for ways to make lying around more appealing to a two-year-old without invoking the use of the television and I realized that it might be time to enjoy that mainstay of childhood: the pillow fort.   I cleared off a table, covered it with a sheet and underneath we stacked pillows, blankets, books...

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Raising Sibling Readers

BY Meredith Flory Sitting on the floor with my toddler, I watched her trace a line for the first time. It wasn’t perfectly straight, but it was the first time she had traced a dotted line. “I drew a line Mom!” She sang and danced around the room. I was so proud of her, but I worriedly wondered to myself how much time we would have for activities once her little brother arrived in a few months. I remembered how much time was spent simply nursing, changing diapers and cuddling with a newborn. I was nervous about making the transition...

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