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Educational Outings for Families

by Meredith Flory As a military family, we try to explore each region we live in to learn more about the food, nature and culture of the area. When we explore with our children, those day trips are usually focused on child-friendly fun. With a little creativity, it’s possible to find affordable activities for the whole family that can encourage your children to keep reading during the summer months. Pairing activities with age appropriate books can not only help your children avoid a summer slump in learning but also make reading more engaging too. Here are suggestions for educational...

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Raising Curious Readers

by Meredith Flory My three year old has recently started interrupting stories to ask questions. While it is easier to ask her to be quiet and to think of it as toddler impatience, I have realized that she is really trying to make sense out of stories now.  She wants to know what happens next or why a character is acting a certain way.  Thinking about how curiosity plays into how children learn new skills, I spoke with Amanda Brewer, a fifth grade Gifted and Talented Reading, English, Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Aiken Elementary School. Brewer...

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Raising Readers of Poetry

Poetry is all around us in early childhood whether through the verse of beloved children’s authors, the nursery rhymes we memorize or the social rules we learn in rhyming lessons. Great poems can be educational and entertaining in adulthood as well but many people seem to out grow a love for poetry, never picking up books of verse after graduation.  And yet poetry can be a way to encourage literacy and vocabulary development in your home. I recently spoke with Bryn Homuth on how his work as a writer and educator is influencing the role of poetry in his...

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Books and Birthdays

Last year at a toddler’s  birthday party, I had a pleasant surprise as a lover of books and former teacher.  Instead of party favors of candy or tiny toys, his mother had set out a display bookshelf with Little Golden Books on birthdays and the Paw Patrol theme.  Each child got to take a book on their way out.  We know that when books are present in the home and children are able to find books they love and identify with, that reading and literacy is encouraged, so, why not incorporate a love of reading into one of a...

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Children’s Book Awards

BY Meredith Flory The sheer magnitude of what has been published for children throughout the years can be overwhelming to parents or children in a bookstore or library, and book awards can be a helpful tool for finding favorite classics and currents. Perhaps the most famous of these awards is the Caldecott Medal for picture books—an award that’s been presented since 1938 and has gone to such now-beloved children’s classics as Make Way for Duckling, Where the Wild Things Are, The Snowy Day and The Invention of Hugo Cabret, all of which adorn my own children’s bookshelves.   Kim Isminger,...

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