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I See Me! Personalized Books and Gifts for Raising Your Reader

by Meredith Flory As technology and readership changes, the publishing world continues to innovate to find new ways to engage and attract young people to the page.  One of the burgeoning products on the market is the personalized book – where a book is purchased that can incorporate names, pictures or other information from a specific person into the story. I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books is one such brand. I recently spoke to staff at the company, and had the opportunity to review their products with my own children on the pages. Mompreneur Maia Haag decided to embark...

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Reading for the Hearing Impaired

by Meredith Flory The image of reading a bedtime story to our children, snuggled up as a family while turning the pages of one of our own childhood favorites is in the minds of many parents as they await a new baby.  We know that reading to your children is a strong predictor of success in school, and it can be a part of a calming bedtime routine.  However, what if as a parent you discover that bedtime stories may not look exactly like you expected them to?  I spoke with Kandice Hunt, a consultant and teacher for the...

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Raising Teen Readers

by Meredith Flory In 2016, the Pew Research Center revealed that 26% of American adults admitted to not reading any part of a book in the last year, and this included audio and electronic book formats. While this doesn’t necessarily take into account those that read frequently in other forms, such as magazines or news articles, it does include readers that may not have finished a complete book or do not read frequently. If I want to encourage you to “raise readers,” this means raising adults that still use reading as a way to learn, empathize, better themselves, and...

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Goals & Assessments

by Meredith Flory Reading Assessments and Goals A child’s ability to master reading at their grade level can affect their performance throughout school as textbooks, test questions, and other reading materials will increase in difficulty level in all subjects.  Often I focus on building the pre-literacy skills necessary to prepare a child for learning in the classroom, however, many parents have expressed to me that once their child was in school, knowing the terminology and assessments regarding their child’s reading level can be intimidating. The speed at which curriculum and assessments change can be daunting, even to a seasoned...

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Raising Summer Readers

by Meredith Flory For younger children, reading in the home is hopefully part of a routine that can be used year round – bedtime stories, storytimes at local libraries or simply having easily accessible board books and picture books for them to look at are ways to encourage a love of reading year round. However, once readers become more independent and school takes up a large part of their time, it can be more difficult to help your child cultivate a love of learning related to their own curiosity, rather than “work”.  During the summer, your schedule as an...

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