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Podcasts With Family

by Meredith Flory   I was a little late to the podcast game.  While audioblogging as entertainment has been around for a very long time, most sources agree that podcasting in its current form became popular in the mid-2000s due to smartphones.  I, however, didn’t begin to listen to podcasts regularly until last year.  My spouse was at work one day and I wanted some company as I cleaned the house.  So, I decided to download some recommended podcasts on my iPad.  I was hooked! Podcasts provide ways to learn more, think about ideas and hear from favorite personalities while...

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Facing School Transitions Through Reading

by Meredith Flory   I love the start of the school year. The cooling temperatures, the promise of new beginnings, and a fresh start to learning is exciting for many students, educators, and parents. However, the start of a school year can also bring anxiety and stress to students who are facing a major transition, such as a new school. I collected suggestions from experts, educators, and other parents on books that can help children deal with the anxieties of a school transition, and open up the door to conversations about their emotions at home.  New At School Georgia-based...

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Celebrating Father’s Day with Reading

by Meredith Flory   As we approach Father’s Day, I wanted to share some stories that make good gifts for a parent, or provide good summer reading for families. A beautifully illustrated picture book can be a sweet gift for an adult, particularly one that reminds you of that person in some way, and that they can read to their children, grandchildren, or students.  However, this Father’s Day book list has a slight twist. It’s important to remember that while Mother’s and Father’s Days are wonderful holidays for families to thank parents for the work they do, for some...

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Fun and Comics

by Meredith Flory   I have always loved science fiction books, movies, and television, but comics were not something I collected or that felt accessible to me as a kid.  I read old copies of my mom’s Archie comics when I was at my grandmother’s and the occasional collection of Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts, but for a long time I only watched my favorite superheroes on the big screen or Saturday morning cartoons.  However, as an adult and an English teacher I began to look into graphic novels, picking up adult classics like The Watchmen to read and...

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Raising Awareness

by Meredith Flory   For over three years I’ve written this column to focus on a different educational issue each month. Some topics are lighthearted and fun such as activities to keep your child engaged with reading on a plane and some topics more serious such as discussing political and social activism with your children.  Even with such varied topics, each connects in some way to building literacy, because learning to read and write affects not only our ability to learn a wide range of skills but also to communicate our own stories more effectively.  In April, the National...

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