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Raising Builders, Creators & Inventors

by Meredith Flory   Regardless of an ever growing field of competition from technology, character branding or trendy looks, toys in the category of building blocks have maintained their appeal for generations.  In addition to simply being fun, building sets challenge imagination and learning.  When organizing a child’s room or play area, building toys make a great center focus. Why are building toys so important? There are a variety of toys that fall into the building category, so finding the one that works for your family may be a process that considers the age of the children, interests, space...

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Civic Learners

by Meredith Flory   As a parent, it can be moving to watch our children become passionate about a cause, and also frightening or frustrating when we aren’t sure how to answer their questions or guide them towards positive political activities.  Recently, at rallies and protests regarding a number of topics: gun violence, environmental issues, racial injustice and women’s rights, teens could be found holding signs, giving speeches, and helping to organize.  While there is plenty of precedent for committed young people, this generation’s access to information and social platforms enters new territory.  I spoke with local school media...

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Readers and Nature

by Meredith Flory   Preparing for our move across the country last fall, we made the decision to treat the drive more like a family vacation than a marathon driving session. We spent a day at Vicksburg National Park, a beautiful, sprawling piece of land near the Mississippi River that memorializes a major turning point in the Civil War with monuments, museums and battlefield sites. At times, it was solemn and heartbreaking but it was also a day filled with memory making and down time to rest from the trip. National parks make a great destination for longer vacations...

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Raising Green Readers

by Meredith Flory While it can feel time consuming and it’s hard to see what impact you are making, many of you may feel the same responsibility I do towards attempting to positively change the environmental impact my family has.  As we work on our first garden, continue to assess our shopping and recycling habits and try our hand at sustainable practices, I’ve realized how involving my children increases their outdoor time and interest in the sciences.  The last two months, I’ve addressed issues of domestic literacy and how working with your children on household skills can increase their...

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Domestic Literacy Part 2

by Meredith Flory Near my daughter’s first birthday, we got lucky in finding a used wooden play kitchen for about $20.  We’ve added felt food, tiny pots and pans, wooden toy kitchen utensils and more to it over the years. It’s become a favorite toy. However, I quickly learned that children desire real experiences in the real kitchen as well.  While my youngest still loves imitating me and bringing me plastic cake and imaginary coffee from the toys, my oldest regularly asks to help cook dinner and I willingly oblige. Sometimes this task is easier than others and I...

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