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Call Me Sister

By Jennie Montgomery   Mother, wife, journalist, sister, daughter, cousin, friend. Those nouns describe the way I view myself and the way others see me. They represent the roles I play in other people’s lives. Like many mamas, I identify myself FIRST as a mother. I have been loving and raising my children for 22 years. But my longest relationships go back to other children: my siblings! I don’t remember life without Amy, and I clearly remember the day Richard came home from the hospital. They are my people.   We would pile into the same bed on Christmas...

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Back-To-School Switcheroo

By Jennie Montgomery   Back-to-school shopping with my kids always included paper and notebooks, pens and pencils, bright yellow highlighters and new lunch boxes. OK, I can see them reading this column and freaking out about that sentence! So let me clarify:  When they were in elementary school, the annual shopping for school supplies always included new lunch boxes. Lunch boxes were easy in the elementary days. My three kiddos had their favorite movies, characters or colors and nobody took the wrong lunch. Theoretically. Those long lunch tables can be intimidating—especially when there are strict rules about talking and...

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Characters Causing All Kinds of Commotion

By Jennie Montgomery   It was Kids Night at Lake Olmstead. The WJBF News Team was passing out Frisbees at the GreenJackets  gate. Even the Super Heroes, like Superman, Spiderman and Captain America joined us. The Hulk was standing beside me. (I quite liked it! One of the rare times I found myself standing beside a figure that made me look “petite!”) Sports Director Matt Zahn’s two little kids walked up. Two-year old Zach was excited…until The Hulk moved toward him. That small gesture set off a meltdown you could hear clear on the other side of Lake Olmstead....

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Ahhhh…Spring Break!

By Jennie Montgomery   I loved Spring Break trips when I was in college and have so many fun memories! The much-anticipated week always came at exactly the right time.   My own college kids seem to really enjoy the Spring Break memories they’re making, too. I’ve noticed, though, with each passing year fewer pictures are posted on social media. Hmmm…maybe that’s a good thing! As long as they’re making decent choices, I figure they’ve earned that week to kick back, forget about their classes and deadlines and just have fun. That Zack surely knows how to work it!...

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Helmet Head at Hilton Head

By Jennie Montgomery   It’s funny how one quick glimpse of an image can bring back memories that have been stored away for years. I was dodging-darting lane changers and drifting semis on I-85 in Charlotte, when I saw an SUV with bikes attached to the back. Instantly I felt a thud in the middle of my back…a phantom thud, if you will. That family with bikes looked beach-bound for spring break; I was getting my college freshman for spring break. Those bikes + Sky Baby = Hilton Head Island. When our kids were little, we spent lots of...

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