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Santa’s Surprise Stop

By Paige Tucker   Christmas is… HERE! It’s my most favorite time of year! The family and friends, the music, the decorations, the excitement — it all makes for a spectacular season.   These days, I feel like a kid at Christmas again, getting to see all the magic through Julia Reynolds’ big blue eyes. The holidays get better and better the older she gets. Her Christmas list grows longer by the day, and she just announced to us at the dinner table that, “Santa was watching!” Can you tell we’ve been using that line lately?   The excitement of...

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Partying With Jesus

By Karen Gordon   Confession: I struggle with religion, the perks and the baggage that comes along with it. I’ve never struggled before because I’ve always been comfortable in the knowledge that there’s something bigger than all of us… something watching, waiting and keeping us safe from harm. But, as I continue to meet new and different people, I welcome diverse opinions so the struggle continues and intensifies. My husband is very conservative and I’m liberal. It is true that opposites attract, but nobody ever told me that I would have to bite my tongue this much. Sheesh! Dad (a.k.a....

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Social Media Moms

By Paige Tucker   Oh, social media. The good, the bad. The necessary? As modern moms, we have so many conveniences right at our fingertips. A quick status update can help with everything from choosing the best children’s photographer to feeding your family, with twenty-five Crock-Pot recipes all provided in minutes by your Facebook friends. The equipment upgrades aren’t shabby either! I had a baby just three years ago, but already when walking through a baby store it’s clear how quickly the latest and greatest gear becomes outdated. New products to make raising children easier and must-have items for surviving...

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Malcom & Chris

By Karen Gordon Last week, I posted a question to my Facebook…just because. It read, ”If you could sit at the feet of anyone you admire or look up to either dead or alive, what three questions would you ask them?” A handful of responses trickled in, but one floored me. It was from my 25 year old son Malcolm (the subject of the question would have been his father, who passed away three years ago). Malcolm commented, “Why didn’t you come to any of my graduations? What really happened? Why weren’t you there when I was born or whenever...

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The Elusive Elsa

By Paige Tucker Keeping track of all my stuff has always been a full-time job for me. I’m not the best at organization. At any given time, I’m likely missing at least three things. They usually turn up, but it sure is frustrating. Add my little Julia Reynolds to the mix, and I’m now responsible for keeping up with her (got that one down thank goodness!) and HER things. You know how that works. When they’re tiny, it’s about five million items out of necessity. And now at age three, it’s her treasures. To make life interesting, each new day...

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