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Rethink, Reflect and Reconnect!

By Paige Tucker On Feb 14, my girl Jessica and I rode to Atlanta for the Snarky Puppy concert. Yeah, I spent Valentine’s Day with my homegirl instead of my husband. You DID read that Snarky Puppy was involved, right? Ok, cool. We learned of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida on the way to the show. For the encore, Snarky Puppy invited Russian jazz singer and composer Alina Engibaryan to join them on, What Do You Think of This World Now? by Hubert Laws. The song was recorded in 1972 and I’ve included the lyrics within this...

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By Paige Tucker One of the best things about having children has to be the way they make you laugh. They do and say the funniest things as they’re growing up and I for one wonder how I ever lived without that daily entertainment. And let’s be real, sometimes laughter is the only way to survive some of the crazy days with children! I love when my Julia Reynolds says things that are just slightly off and I don’t dare correct her! I know one day she won’t ask to go eat “noon-yuls” at Nuigi’s and that will be sad....

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Like a Boss

By Karen Gordon Every now and again, I send myself little notes, reminders, messages, etc. If I don’t have my calendar, planner or empty gum wrapper, then I send myself a note (text message). Many times, these things happen in such a rapid-fire fashion, I simply forget about them until I stumble upon them while looking for something else. So in preparation for this piece – coincidentally, I was purging my phone’s memory so that I could record a rehearsal and I discovered a couple of voice memos from last Fall. In one, I’m listening to LeScoot explain one of...

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Cabbage Catastrophe

By Paige Tucker Some family friends of ours love to tell the story of me falling fast asleep, face first into a plate of coleslaw when I was eighteen months old. They were keeping me for the weekend and Cindy had worn me out, to say the least. She had taken me swimming, shopping and to feed ducks at the park. After a day of fun, we met her husband for dinner. They put me in a highchair and started feeding me right away. They couldn’t have looked away for more than a quick second and the next thing they...

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June 20, 2016

By Karen Gordon It was 200 degrees outside and the mosquitoes got to their busywork as early as sunrise. Our family was getting moved into our new house, Bossman was at work, LeScoot and his cousin were at day camp and my nephew was helping me with the fun task of packing up boxes of stuff. As in, “stuff” that we should’ve gotten rid of when the big kids moved out years ago. Our new lawn guy was scheduled to lay the foundation for a beautiful backyard garden with the option of a water feature (but probably not…you know…mosquitoes). Upon...

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