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Cousins Book Club

By Karen Gordon VERY TIME @SayWhatScooter spends time with his cousin Jamil, they come up with a new “thing.” First, there was the boiled peanuts which they sold for a spell at the Saturday Market. Next, was a brief stint with slime. #CousinsPeanutsAndSlime has an interesting ring to it (not to be confused with Jones BBQ and Foot Massage). Another idea was their customized spa experience, complete with soothing music and lighting, courtesy of Alexa. Most recently, they’ve talked about starting their own book club so I’m putting together a starter kit, of sorts. I’ve been looking for books  they...

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A Merry Mix Up

By Paige Tucker It’s that time of year when children are making their list and checking it – or make that changing it – twice! Julia Reynolds was three-years-old last Christmas and her little wish list consisted of mostly princess costumes for playing dress-up. If you asked her on the fly what she wanted for Christmas, the two things you would definitely hear: a green Elsa dress and green Elsa shoes. For two solid months, the child told anyone who asked and everyone who would listen that she was getting a green Elsa dress for Christmas. Santa Claus and at...

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A Love Letter to the City of Augusta

By Karen Gordon “You ask me why I love her? Well, give me time and I’ll explain.” Those words from John Wayne always resonate with me because Augusta is many things to many people. Augusta is the Garden City, golf central, the birthplace of soul and the Silicon Valley of the south. For me, this is where I grew up and where I choose to call home. Augusta is home to my family and to an ever-expanding creative class and collaborative community and downtown is the epicenter of it all. Yes, downtown- the diamond in the rough. The place where...

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By Paige Tucker Tibi gave us plenty of heart attacks over the years, but this time our hearts were broken. Tibi crossed the Rainbow Bridge on, of all days, the 4th of July.  Tibi, short for Trial Basis was our  “trial dog” for all of 12 hours before she became a full-fledged family member. I was anchoring a newscast back in 2010 when my husband Jack told me about this black Labrador he rescued off the side of the road. Jack saw a truck hit her, and the driver did not stop.  Jack was out of town but drove Tibi...

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Rethink, Reflect and Reconnect!

By Paige Tucker On Feb 14, my girl Jessica and I rode to Atlanta for the Snarky Puppy concert. Yeah, I spent Valentine’s Day with my homegirl instead of my husband. You DID read that Snarky Puppy was involved, right? Ok, cool. We learned of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida on the way to the show. For the encore, Snarky Puppy invited Russian jazz singer and composer Alina Engibaryan to join them on, What Do You Think of This World Now? by Hubert Laws. The song was recorded in 1972 and I’ve included the lyrics within this...

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