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L-O-V-E Stories

I love a good love story. The ones on the big screen or the Hallmark channel are fun, but I like the ones with real people! It’s a question I love to ask someone new or when I’m learning more about a friend: “How did you two meet?” I enjoy hearing the details of how people came together. My best friend’s late Mema would say in her thick southern drawl to everyone who crossed her path, “Tell me your love story”. She would hang onto every word as the person shared how they met the love of their life....

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Pet Chickens and New Classrooms

“Mom, I love love LOVE my new school. Oh. Em. Gee!!!” This declaration came before the end of the first week of school, yet after a summer break filled with weeping and gnashing of teeth. For example: @SayWhatScooter: “… but I like my OLD school!” Mommy: “Ooh, look at this beautiful garden. And we get to do the Tuesday market!” Scoot: “But I’m gonna miss my FRENNNNNS” Me: “You’ll make NEW friends!” LeScoot: “But… DAAAAADDDDYYYYY!” #writhingonfloor Truth is, I, too, was perplexed. Our family had a lot going on. Bossman and I were buying a house, which meant we...

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A Heart of Gratitude

It’s no coincidence to me that you cannot spell gratitude without (most letters of!) attitude. For many of us, thankfulness and gratefulness play such an integral role in the way we feel and the way we act. There’s an abundance of gratitude quotes online. I think that shows we want to be grateful… to show our gratefulness. We know deep down it affects everything.   If I’m having a tough day or getting bogged down in the stresses of everyday life, I try to step back and make a mental list of things for which I’m thankful. Make no...

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Well, He IS 10 Years Old

@SayWhatScooter: “Hey Dad. A girl at my school told me that she likes me” Bossman: “Ooooh Scooter. Do you like her?” Scoot: “Yeah, I guess” MOMMY: “Hey. No liking girls til you’re 30!!” Scoot: “Where’d you come from? You can’t be in here. This is MAN STUFF!”   In my previous column, I made a list of all of the wonderful things I had planned for summer. And though I accomplished less than a third of them, I enjoyed the process immensely. My family threw me a surprise party two weeks before my 50th birthday– and Bossman and I...

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Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Do you sleep at college?” The question came out of the blue while Julia Reynolds and I were at the pool. It’s as if she knew I’d been working on this column that very afternoon about her growing up so fast and getting ready to go to kindergarten. I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly. “Sleep at college or in college?,” I asked. She said at college. “Yes, you do. You move to college and sleep there,” I replied with the slightest lump in my throat. “Nooooo! I don’t want to go to college. I will miss you!” Her...

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