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Hungry Hungry Toddler

By Paige Tucker My little one, now two and a half, has long put just about anything and everything in her mouth. Pacifiers, her fingers, her whole hands (while teething), stickers and a marble. Yep, you read that right, a marble. And there was one bright red marble she did not spit back out. One day, we were playing over at the home of one of Julia Reynolds’ best buddies, Kip, when they spotted Hungry Hungry Hippos on the dining room table. Remember that game? What a classic! It wasn’t Julia Reynolds’ first time seeing it. She’d played with the hippos before...

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A Nugget from Scooter this Morning

By Karen Gordon Scoot: Mom, look under there (pointing to desk). Mommy: Under where? Scoot: Oooooh, you said underwear (laughing hysterically). My kids range in age from 26 to eight. We have a daughter Ryanne who is 26 and three sons Christopher, 26, Malcom, 25 and Scooter is my eight year old. I thought this last one would be easy. You know, we have adult children so we are experts at this. Right? But this guy came into this world seemingly prepared to give me a taste of my own medicine and it seems as if he conferred with...

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Funerals, Family & Farewells

By Jennie Montgomery   It seems like it takes a funeral to bring people together, which is sad because I’m sure the person who died would have loved to see the ones who came to say goodbye. We had a funeral in January. The time with extended family gave us a chance to watch some old home movies. A trip down memory lane gets emotional. Zack was the first to admit, “I cried like a baby.” Sky added, “I have great memories sitting at the dinner table, Mom.” We laughed a lot and I never wanted to sit by...

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Mom’s Mixer Mayhem!

By Jennie Montgomery   One of my favorite appliances is my stand mixer. I do not bake often but when I do, I always remember why I have that mixer in the first place:  because of an old Valentine’s Day  injury that appeared way worse than it really was. Sky and I recently got a good laugh about it as we baked a special cake over the holidays. “You scared us to death, Mom,” she laughed. Everything had been going pretty well that particular morning as I assembled my batter for a lovely Valentine’s Day cake, pretty well that...

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Mountain Santa

By Jennie Montgomery   It was a quiet Saturday night in a quaint mountain town, not far from my daughter’s college campus at the Georgia/N.C. state line. Maddy, her roommate and I were “window shopping” at the closed storefronts around the town square as we waited for a table in the downtown restaurant. We heard some commotion two stores up. Two little girls were in awe of something inside the glass. We heard a high-pitched voice loudly gasp, “It’s God!” That piqued our interest! As soon as the little girls moved along, Maddy and Kelsey walked up and looked...

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