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Technology Inspired Fun @ The

By Jennifer Miller   After Eric Parker graduated from Georgia Tech, he wound up in Silicon Valley, Calif., where innovation, creativity and collaboration made it the technology powerhouse it is today. He saw the quality of life it brought. So when Parker moved back home to Augusta, he decided to bring that innovation, creativity and collaboration with him. “We have all the ingredients to be Silicon Valley,” he says. By integrating technology and education and how to do business, the momentum builds for a better Augusta. So he started, a tech business incubator that helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas...

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Drama Zone

By Dustin Turner   Many of today’s adult actors, directors, board of director members and others got their start in the Aiken Community Playhouse’s Youth Wing, a free monthly gathering of children in grades 4-12 who meet for a couple of hours on a Saturday to learn the ins and outs of the theater world. According to Youth Wing Executive Director Nancy Hansen, The Youth Wing’s mission statement says a lot: To provide the broadest range of theatrical experience and education we can to the greatest number of young people we can while maintaining the highest level of quality we...

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Sign Language

By Dustin Turner   It has been said that if you have a job doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. That is true for Lesley Klepec, of Aiken. Klepec is a nationally certified sign language interpreter. “I interpret all over South Carolina in many different situations. I’ve interpreted in court, theater, universities, doctors appointments, job orientations, job interviews and much more.” She became an interpreter after going to school for something completely different. “I started off at Wayne State University in Detroit for public relations and hated it. I didn’t know what I wanted to...

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Learning in the Great Outdoors

By Mary Ashton Mills Outdoor classrooms are sprouting up in schools across the CSRA faster than Jack’s proverbial beanstalk. These new classrooms give students the opportunity to enhance what they have learned in a textbook by applying their knowledge outside with hands on experience. Elements of outdoor classrooms range from organic raised-bed gardens and food plots to state-of-the-art aquaponic systems, solar-powered fish tanks and greenhouses. This generation of students is environmentally conscious and empowered with knowledge and resources to support this trend. Academic achievements and test scores are excellent indicators of success, but encouraging a student to use critical-thinking and...

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Heart Ball

By Dustin Turner   The American Heart Association’s mission is personal for Andi Van Airsdale, the executive director of the association of the CSRA. And so the annual Heart Ball on Feb. 20, one of the organizations biggest fundraisers, is high on her list of priorities these days. “My husband was out for an eight-mile run along the canal and had a heart attack,” she says. Luckily, he did not require surgery, thanks to angioplasty, and has no problems now. “He was only 55 when he had the heart attack,” Van Airsdale says. “You never think it’ll happen to you, but it can happen to anyone. About the...

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