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By Mary Ashton Mills   Concerns over having a healthy baby and child are on the forefront of many parent’s minds today. With so many milestones and checklists, it’s normal to worry that our children will be healthy enough to achieve each goal. We hear about pediatric cancer, chromosomal abnormalities, SIDS and many more health-related disorders and events, but stroke doesn’t regularly cross our minds when thinking about our children. Yes, pediatric stroke occurs in 11 out of every 100,000 children per year, according to the National Stroke Association. When someone has a stroke either the blood supply to the...

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Sowing the Seeds of a Special Summer Camp

By Mary Ashton Mills   When 8-year-old Katherine Ivey asked her mother, Sterling, when she would get a chance to go to overnight camp like older sister Ansley, age 14, and older brother Patrick, age 16, the innocent request hit a chord with Sterling. It never occurred to her that Katherine would want to go to summer camp. But then she thought, “What child wouldn’t want to go to camp?” Canoeing and archery and campfires and nighttime cricket sounds sing to the heart of a kid. This is the stuff summer is made of. Nonetheless, Sterling knew she would have...

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