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Faith & Basketball

By Naimah shaw Will Avery is propelled by Faith and basketball. Whether it is his own potential he is challenging or that of another avid young baksetball player, Avery gets up and trains everyday and spends an average of seven hours on the court dedicated to his sport.  Returning to Augusta where Avery attended Westside High School, he looks back on his childhood and notes that basketball was always his constant, even when he didn’t have much. The adrenaline that came from playing, even at the tender age of six could not be mistaken. Avery notes that his love for...

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Joseph Doyle

By Naimah shaw Grief is an emotion that affects every fiber of our being. It seems the only positive facet of grief is the spirit’s remarkable emergence through the wallowed depths of despair when affected by this overwhelming, all-encompassing emotion. Local farmer, Joseph Doyle found himself afflicted by grief after the loss of his wife, Luella, and was unsure of how to cope and deal with the challenges he faced as a widower. Doyle learned to combat the range and rage of grief and sought refuge in mother nature and his first love: toiling the land and farming the soil....

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Faith Care at Wesley United Methodist Church

By Naimah shaw True stories are always better than those that are born out of mish mashed thoughts that we culminate  in our brain. True stories serve to inspire us and the people behind those stories are those that we aspire to be. Within these individuals there is an unwitting but heightened sense of fulfillment, compassion and a longing to eradicate pain and offer assistance to those in need. Such is the case of Lew Bandy who has served in his capacity as the administrator of the Faith Care at Wesley United Methodist since 2013. Beyond his lengthy career of...

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Child Enrichment INC Healing

By Naimah shaw   With Dedication, a fierce and loyal determination to help the under served and a tenacity unlike any other, Dan Hillman is the local voice of children suffering from abuse, neglect and abandonment. Hillman’s qualities are masked by a seemingly tough exterior but he is definitely a man on a mission helping abused and neglected children regain traction of their lives. Hillman is an inspirational figure, loyal child advocate, embodiment and representation of a man who oversees activities at the local organization, Child Enrichment Inc. Hillman and his dedicated staff has helped over 21,000 local children from...

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Kayla and Eric Johnson’s Courageous Journey of the Heart

By Renee Williams   When Kayla and Eric Johnson found out they were expecting their third child, they embraced the news with great joy and anticipation. As the pregnancy progressed, the Johnson’s shared their excitement with family members and eagerly prepared their young children for the new arrival. As an experienced mom, Johnson knew the importance of receiving prenatal care so during her second trimester, she completed screening to check her health and the health of her unborn child. “When I was sixteen weeks pregnant, I opted to have blood work done to check for any abnormalities…Johnson says. “At...

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