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Time Out for Mom

10 Holiday Treats To Help You Sparkle This Season By Christina Katz The holiday season can be total chaos for moms. So don’t get bitten by the over-commitment bug this year. Try to carve out daily breaks when you do something thoughtful just for you. This will help you think straight when requests for your time just keep pouring in. And don’t make the mistake of waiting for others to give you the gifts that turn on your holiday cheer. Give gifts to yourself first, and watch how much more generous you feel towards others. You will smile all...

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Special Kids Directory

Our Annual Guide to Special Needs Resources Throughout the CSRA Children with special needs and their families face particular challenges. Disorders and defects may be apparent at birth or present as developmental delays at a later stage. Injury and illness may impact functioning. Whatever the source or cause of a disability, the child it affects has the same basic need for love and care as other children. His or her parents want the best for their treasure now and in the future. Attaining the right services for a special needs child can turn challenges into triumphs. AGENCIES FOCUSING ON...

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Therapy Dogs

By Naimah Shaw Perhaps it is the particular way a dog wags his tail and fondly licks your face when you return or the manner in which your cat patiently climbs to rest with you, the satisfaction of grooming your horse after frolicking together or the excited swimming of the fish when you feed them; whatever it is, animals allude to greater self-esteem for children but especially for those with special needs. In today’s ever evolving society, it is proven that animals who provide therapeutic support to families are filling a void often overlooked. Dogs, in particular, have long since...

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Augusta Family Favorites 2017

By Renee Williams What are your Family Favorites in the CSRA? We polled readers, tallied the votes and have come up with a list of favorite restaurants, medical professionals, retailers and more. So, without further adieu, here are our 2017 winners…   Jazz/Hip Hop Dance Lessons  1. Cutno 2. Pulse Dance Center 3. Kane & Co   Ballet Lessons 1. Colton Ballet School (formerly Augusta Ballet) 2. Columbia County Ballet 3. Kane & Co   Music Lessons 1. Portman’s 2. Rock Bottom Music 3. Laurie Orth   Performing Arts Group 1. Augusta Players 2. Musical Theatre Workshops 3. Colton Ballet Company...

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Family Favorites

Augusta Family Favorites in the CSRA

A List of Favorite Restaurants, Medical Professionals, Retailers and More!