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Raising a Child With Special Needs

The Struggles,Challenges and Joys -by Naimah Shaw   Parenting is perhaps one of the most challenging and difficult endeavors that a person ever takes on, especially in today’s complex and ever-changing world. Few of us enter the sacred journey of parenthood with the tools necessary for success. Instead, we rely heavily on the strategies our parents used to raise us and inevitably experience profound ambiguities towards our own children. Nonetheless, we love our children and will faithfully sacrifice our time, energy and money for their overall safety and physical well-being. Few people realize how demanding it is to be...

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Augusta Family Favorites 2018

What are your Family Favorites in the CSRA? We polled readers, tallied the votes and have come up with a list of favorite restaurants, medical professionals, retailers and more. So, without further adieu, here are our 2018 winners… CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE 2018 AUGUSTA FAMILY FAVORITES WINNERS! This article appears in the September 2018 issue of Augusta Family Magazine. Did you like what you read here?...

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The Teenage Entrepreneur

-by Pam Molnar   With today’s economy being what it is, teens are having a hard time finding work. According the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, only 60% of teens were employed last summer compared to 75% in 1983.  Jobs that have traditionally been filled by teenage workers in our society are now being filled by under-employed adults and recent college graduates. If a teenager is without a job during their high school years, where will they get the money to buy a car, save for college or even have a little spending money for a trip to the movie...

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Teens and Depression

-by Naimah Shaw   When  we think  of  teenagers and the years of adolescence, we think of a “happy go lucky” attitude, drama, years of rebellion and the natural process of independence and separation from family as they build an identity for themselves. The in between years of them thinking they are an adult but not quite ready to act like one or bear the consequences associated with rebellious behaviors. Often times, these attitudes stem from deeper issues that adults chalk up to “having a bad day.” Not  uncommon for parents, caregivers, teachers and other observant adults is the...

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16 Back to School Traditions to Start this Year

The years seem to pick up speed as your child gets older. One minute they are getting on the bus for Kindergarten and in the blink of an eye, they are walking across the stage at their high school graduation. Don’t let those years go by in a blur. Capture the first day of school with a tradition the kids will look forward to every year.   Freeze a Memory 1. Drive to your local high school a few days before school starts. Capture a picture of your child standing by the marquee or in front of the building...

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Family Favorites

Augusta Family Favorites in the CSRA

A List of Favorite Restaurants, Medical Professionals, Retailers and More!