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Young Athlete Recovery

How chocolate milk can aid in replenishing nutrients for teen athletes (Family Features) Between sports practices, training, games and tournaments, teen athletes endure a lot of stress on their bodies. While some parents know real dairy milk is a nutritious option for growing kids, many don’t realize that chocolate milk has nutritional benefits, too – especially when it comes to exercise recovery. According to a first-of-its-kind study from the University of Texas at Austin, recovering with low-fat chocolate milk as part of a tough training routine could help teen athletes get stronger. The study included more than 100 high...

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Back-to-School Bus Safety

(Family Features) Another school year means millions of children across the country are boarding buses at the beginning and end of each day, and it provides an appropriate opportunity for parents, teachers, school administrators and students themselves to practice and enforce safety guidelines in and around the school bus. Consider these tips from the experts at the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) to help keep children safe before bus rides, during travel and after exiting the vehicle. Before the Bus Arrives Ensure backpacks are packed securely so papers and other items don’t scatter as the bus approaches. Create...

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Tips To Ease Back-To-School Anxiety For Parents and Kids

By Dana Harris   It’s easy to recognize the back-to-school jitters that emerge in children come August. Like all big transitions in life, the start of a new school year can be scary for kids. First day jitters are as much a part of each new school year as are shiny lunch boxes, new clothes, a new school and fancy new I-Phones. Its important to also bear in mind that a child’s reactions to school will differ from one kid to another, so it’s going to be critically important to show support and guidance. Let’s face it, going from...

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Simplify Back-To-School Dinners With Nutritious Meal Plans

Provided by Family Features   Back-to-school season can be cluttered between after-school activities, week- end sports and evening homework – as well as making dinner each night. Creating a master meal plan with quick, simple and nutritious meals is an easy way to take control of your family’s hectic schedule. Start by stocking the pantry with staple ingredients that amp up the nutrition and  avor of your family favorites. For example, American Pecans are a nutri- tious ingredient to have on-hand – among the highest in “good” monounsaturated fats and packed with plant protein,  ber and essential minerals –...

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Beauty of Nature

After more than a decade of planning and nearly two years after breaking ground, the Alice H. Richards Children’s Garden at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia at the University of Georgia in Athens opened last month. The two-and-a half-acre site is designed to be the ideal spot for children to play and foster a love of nature in a fun yet educational space. Named in memory of Alice H. Richards, a charter member of the State Botanical Garden’s Board of Advisors, Richards wanted a place for children to experience the beauty of nature first hand. Ground broke on...

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