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Should You Stay or Should You Go

How to Know if Your Child has Outgrown the Pediatrician by Christa Melnyk Hines   As kids get older, they may begin to resist going to their pediatrician’s office where they are surrounded by screaming babies, toddlers and nurses dressed in teddy bear scrubs. They’ve got adolescent worries like puberty, peer pressure, anxiety or depression. They may feel nervous talking about gender-related issues with a physician of the opposite sex, even though they’ve visited their doctor since they were a newborn. Should you find a new physician? It depends. According to Amanda Styers, APRN-BC, who specializes in adolescent primary care,...

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The Golden Blocks Opening Ceremony Event

By Aimee Serafin   This Saturday, November 9th, will kick off the opening ceremony for the Golden Blocks Project in Augusta. It was during the segregation era in the southeast that a corridor of thriving businesses on what is today James Brown and Laney-Walker Boulevards offset discrimination toward black businesses and developed a strong sense of community downtown. At the time, this area nicknamed the Golden Blocks, was the hub of Augusta’s successful black businesses. The Laney-Walker and Bethlehem communities today are the home to the special Golden Blocks project spearheaded by the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black...

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Treats on Augusta’s Streets

By Aimee Serafin • Photo Mel Poole on Unsplash Halloween is here! Augusta Family Magazine hopes all our families and friends will be safe and smart on the streets and in search of candy. In general, it is advisable to know community curfews and guidelines on Halloween night. Since Halloween falls during the week this year, kids and parents should be mindful to wrap things up at a reasonable hour. The traditional and ideal time for trick or treat is 6:30 to 8pm. For those handing out the Halloween stash, remember to turn off your outdoor lights when the candy is...

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Gift Baskets in Brave New Worlds

By Aimee Serafin • Photo Freddie Collins on Unsplash The fall of 2002 is etched in my memory. I became a new mom on the hottest day of September at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, MD that year. Even in the first few days after giving birth, the dramatic changes a baby made to my world were undeniable. As novice parents, my husband and I carried our son across the threshold of a two-bedroom, one-bath bungalow on Symington Avenue that was a little over a mile from the city limits. To say that the first week was life-altering is an understatement. I...

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It’s Carnival Season

By Aimee Serafin • Photo by Steven Lozano on Unsplash It’s Carnival Season It’s that time of year again when 5462 Columbia Road is full of young faces and amusement by day and skies are bright neon with the rotating arms of carnival rides by night. The Columbia County Fair, in its 54th year, will open Halloween night at dusk to the enjoyment of the larger Evans metropolitan area. This year’s carnival rides include: The Zoog Vogel, at 110-feet this swing tower requires dangling feet, an over-the-shoulder harness and lots of teenage thrill seeking. The 720, creation of Italian-based amusement park...

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