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Storyland Theater: Rapunzel, A Musical

  An original musical version of the classic fairy tale, Rapunzel is Storyland Theater’s next offering for the season. The theater group is in its 32nd year of presenting original plays to children audiences. Based on the original German fairy tale made famous by the Brothers Grimm, Rapunzel is a familiar story of love between a young prince and a fair maiden. Yet, like most theater companies, Storyland takes the familiar story and adds some humorous twists of their own. The Saturday matinee is a great way for families to enjoy a wholesome show together for a reasonable price....

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Grab-n-Go Peanut Butter Bites

While some of us may still be waking up early to get the gym for that new resolution, the light is most likely starting to dim for the rest of us. So, here is a good recipe to help combat the battle of waning exercise and instead focus on the area of better eating. Protein and fiber are a good combination for sustained energy through the day. With no baking involved and the prep time under 10 minutes this recipe is golden for busy moms and dads. It is also a tasty treat for young kids. Scoop away!  ...

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Globes and Maps

A strong awareness of geography and quality Social Studies instruction can positively impact today’s students as they grow up with global opportunities for learning, working, and traveling. Historical, cultural and geographical awareness can help students make connections with one another and with other subject areas. In their statement online, The Georgia Council for the Social Studies shares that quality social studies instruction can help students “develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.” Parents can help advocate for the teaching of social...

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The January Advantage: College Checklist

  With the start of the New Year and a new semester, January is a great month to take inventory of the college checklist for current high school seniors. The month of May will arrive fast! So, it doesn’t hurt to use the slower month of January to assess goals for college preparation over the next few months. Encourage your student to maintain an attitude of crossing the finish line prepared and well advised for their next phase of life. (Information from the following sources: and ) FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is...

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National Hat Day

“Anyplace I hang my hat is home.” (St. Louis Woman)   You may be surprised to know that wearing hats dates back nearly 30,000 years to the Paleolithic, or “Old Stone Age” sculpture of the Venus of Willendorf, whose figurine is believed to be sporting a woven hat ( From ancient Egypt to modern England, hats traditionally represent social status, certain sporting events and fashion displays. They can be worn as protective coverings or artistic sculptures, and their fabrics are as unique as their creators. Whether a flat cap, beanie, cloche, derby, fedora or straw hat, bust out your...

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