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Children’s Hospital of Georgia

Children come in all shapes and sizes, and they require very specialized care. From the tiniest blood pressure cuff to the largest hospital gown, everything at the 154-bed Children’s Hospital of Georgia is designed exclusively for children. The hospital was affectionately known for many years as the “CMC,” which was short for MCG Children’s Medical Center, its original name when it opened in 1998. The hospital was funded in part through a $40 million allocation from the Georgia General Assembly. Creating a hospital that was “just what the doctor ordered” had been done repeatedly. But building a hospital that...

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Go. Play. See.

By Naimah Shaw An exclusive guide to communities throughout the CSRA. CLICK HERE TO VIEW G.P.S. GUIDE! This article appears in the May 2018 issue of Augusta Family Magazine. Did you like what you read here?...

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Tiny Miracles

A Mother’s Relentless Journey of Faith, Hope and Courage. by Dr. Dana Harris | photos by Celina DeSantis Photography   There is no role in life more essential or more eternal than that of motherhood. It is among the most complex and demanding role imaginable. The joys and treasures come in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times but amidst all the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction. A mother’s role and sacred duty is to rear her children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, to teach...

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2018 Camp Guide

By Naimah Shaw The long, lazy days of summer are right around the corner! Finally, the moment children anticipate and look forward to all year long, but simultaneously the moment that many parents also dread. The phrase, “I’m bored!” can be a chronic stressor on parents but look no further than the detailed CSRA’s Summer Camp Guide where you can find anything you desire from art, music, STEM, tennis, rowing, golf and SO much more! 4P STUDIOS La Pavilion Shopping Center, 106 Pleasant Home Rd., Suite 2S, Augusta. 706-267-6724. Please call for additional details. A CHILD’S WORLD 4204 Columbia Rd.,...

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Junior Players Golf Academy

By Naimah Shaw For us locals, Spring Break is a time to enjoy the sport of golf that brings this city alive but the question remains: “How does one even get to the heights of collegiate golfing, let alone, professional golf?” I had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Bach, from the Junior Players Golf Academy (JPGA), and he had answers to questions that many of us ask when it comes to youth and golfing. Augusta Family: What is JPGA’s main role? Bach: The JPGA’s main role is to prepare students to play golf on the collegiate level and positively deal...

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