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Take a Chill Pill

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. Number 3 on our hit parade of tips for highly healthy moms is, “Chillax!” Take it easy. Breathe…slowly. You know what you call a person who doesn’t experience stress?…Dead!  We all have it and it isn’t going away. Life is stressful and no matter how many platitudes you hear from Chicken Soup For The Soul (a diamond is just coal under stress, etc) accepting that stuff happens is the first step.  The one “Confucius says” that makes sense here is that how you react to stress determines whether you crawl in a cave or...

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The Goldilocks of Sleep

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. (Second in a series of Healthy Habits for Moms) If you were not raised in the jungles of Sumatra by wolves, chances are you have heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  So as to not raise any unnecessary childhood traumas, I will cut to the sound that has echoed through the ages…”It was not too hot and not too cold, but just right.”  This age old aphorism applies to many things such as watching Game of Thrones and eating banana bread, but nowhere is the aphorism more relevant than in the...

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10 Habits for Highly Healthy Moms Use it or Lose it!

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. If you are a mom, or even if you are not, here is one thing you can do that will bolster your long term health and sanity almost more than anything else and I don’t mean Prozac! Staying active is the elusive fountain of youth. From eight to 80, you can live longer and with greater gusto if you keep fit.  If you are heavy, harried or hormonal then moving with purpose is a critical part of the solution. There is no other single activity that can make you look better, feel better, lose...

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Be Resolute in your Resolutions

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. If it’s post New Years, it must mean resolutions!  It is a strange quirk of human psychology that prompts us to seek restitution, resolution, and revolution at the beginning of each year.  I think intuitively we realize our failings from times past and hope for better things to come.  After all, hope is the power that fuels change, and change is what New Year’s resolutions are all about.  And this is a good thing!  It is both healthy and necessary to periodically evaluate where we are physically, spiritually and emotionally, and, more importantly, determine...

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Why Am I Sad?

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. Virginia dragged herself into the office and slumped over in the chair. Her body language spoke volumes and her words reinforced that she was feeling poorly. “I don’t get it.  I feel pretty normal, and then over about a week this time every year I feel like I am falling down a deep hole and can’t get out.  I sleep way more than normal, but never feel rested. I gain weight and just feel down all the time.  I’m really getting tired of being tired.” Virginia wasn’t sad, she had SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder,...

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