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Go Girl – Tara Najim

By Renee Williams, Photo Credit: John Harpring   TARA NAJIM, 32, is an Arabic tutor, writer and gardener. She and her husband, Amjad, an anesthesia resident at Augusta University Health, have two children, Laith, 3 and Maitham, 1 as well as a six pound Papillon named Neva. Tara loves gardening and used to think she had a black thumb until she discovered that she could compost her family’s food scraps and put them in the soil. Now her plants are happy and thriving. Tara set a goal this year (as a family of four) to only produce four kitchen...

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I Bet You Didn’t Know

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. As the weather improves so should your desire to get outside and get moving. If I had a pill that would make you look better, feel better, reduce your incidence of breast cancer or prostate cancer, didn’t cost anything and had no side effects, then most of you would beat a path to the pharmacy to get one. That pill does exist. It’s called exercise and it takes about 30 minutes to swallow! Exercise is truly the fountain of youth. There is no single activity that you can do that will have a more...

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Joseph Doyle

By Naimah shaw Grief is an emotion that affects every fiber of our being. It seems the only positive facet of grief is the spirit’s remarkable emergence through the wallowed depths of despair when affected by this overwhelming, all-encompassing emotion. Local farmer, Joseph Doyle found himself afflicted by grief after the loss of his wife, Luella, and was unsure of how to cope and deal with the challenges he faced as a widower. Doyle learned to combat the range and rage of grief and sought refuge in mother nature and his first love: toiling the land and farming the soil....

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Go. Play. See. Georgia State Parks

By Layla Khoury-Hanold   If you think your options for outdoor summer fun are limited to day camps or beach trips, think again—think Georgia State Parks. With dozens of state parks to visit, there’s loads of family-fun activities practically in your own back yard. You can hike and climb thousands of feet in elevation, mountain bike on more than 68 miles of terrain, paddle through 24 miles of scenic waterways or go glamping in a yurt (more on that later!). And with Georgia State Parks’ clubs program, you and your family will have a built-in adventure to look forward to...

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Super Summer Slaw

Recently, a local farmer named Joseph Doyle gave me some cabbage and pecans and then as simple as that, a recipe was born. It was kind of like the farmer version of the show Chopped because that’s what I got in the basket and in turn it became a delightful new recipe. Cabbage is most certainly underutilized, yet such a healthy vegetable. In fact, cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable, a group of vegetables known for their role in cancer prevention. When you are given cabbage by a farmer, it’s relatively inexpensive but it’s also inexpensive at the store and...

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