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By Renee Williams   For decades, children have been dressing up as superheroes. Our children find comfort, even hope, in superheroes. Recently, Wonder Woman earned $600 million at the box office worldwide and after 75 years of heroics (aside from her lasso of truth, bullet proof bracelets and boomerang tiara) Wonder Woman’s true superhero power is her ability to inspire. Another part of Wonder Woman’s success story is the common narrative of “the hero’s journey,” a story that has been told in a thousand different ways with a thousand different faces. It is the story of Star Wars, The...

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Guide to Travel Sports

By Cammie Jones Way back in the olden days (the 80s), you just didn’t hear about so many kids playing travel sports and if you did know someone, it was most likely a boy playing soccer. Times have certainly changed and today you see travel football, baseball, dance, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball and more.  It’s not just for guys anymore either – girls are just as heavily involved. As a parent how can you decide if playing a travel sport is best for your child, and, maybe more importantly, for your family? PROS Team Bonding Making new friends off and...

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Go Girl – Tara Najim

By Renee Williams, Photo Credit: John Harpring   TARA NAJIM, 32, is an Arabic tutor, writer and gardener. She and her husband, Amjad, an anesthesia resident at Augusta University Health, have two children, Laith, 3 and Maitham, 1 as well as a six pound Papillon named Neva. Tara loves gardening and used to think she had a black thumb until she discovered that she could compost her family’s food scraps and put them in the soil. Now her plants are happy and thriving. Tara set a goal this year (as a family of four) to only produce four kitchen...

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I Bet You Didn’t Know

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. As the weather improves so should your desire to get outside and get moving. If I had a pill that would make you look better, feel better, reduce your incidence of breast cancer or prostate cancer, didn’t cost anything and had no side effects, then most of you would beat a path to the pharmacy to get one. That pill does exist. It’s called exercise and it takes about 30 minutes to swallow! Exercise is truly the fountain of youth. There is no single activity that you can do that will have a more...

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Joseph Doyle

By Naimah shaw Grief is an emotion that affects every fiber of our being. It seems the only positive facet of grief is the spirit’s remarkable emergence through the wallowed depths of despair when affected by this overwhelming, all-encompassing emotion. Local farmer, Joseph Doyle found himself afflicted by grief after the loss of his wife, Luella, and was unsure of how to cope and deal with the challenges he faced as a widower. Doyle learned to combat the range and rage of grief and sought refuge in mother nature and his first love: toiling the land and farming the soil....

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