Author: Michael Rushbrook

Super Summer Slaw

Recently, a local farmer named Joseph Doyle gave me some cabbage and pecans and then as simple as that, a recipe was born. It was kind of like the farmer version of the show Chopped because that’s what I got in the basket and in turn it became a delightful new recipe. Cabbage is most certainly underutilized, yet such a healthy vegetable. In fact, cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable, a group of vegetables known for their role in cancer prevention. When you are given cabbage by a farmer, it’s relatively inexpensive but it’s also inexpensive at the store and...

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Hungry Hungry Toddler

By Paige Tucker My little one, now two and a half, has long put just about anything and everything in her mouth. Pacifiers, her fingers, her whole hands (while teething), stickers and a marble. Yep, you read that right, a marble. And there was one bright red marble she did not spit back out. One day, we were playing over at the home of one of Julia Reynolds’ best buddies, Kip, when they spotted Hungry Hungry Hippos on the dining room table. Remember that game? What a classic! It wasn’t Julia Reynolds’ first time seeing it. She’d played with the hippos before...

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Educational Outings for Families

by Meredith Flory As a military family, we try to explore each region we live in to learn more about the food, nature and culture of the area. When we explore with our children, those day trips are usually focused on child-friendly fun. With a little creativity, it’s possible to find affordable activities for the whole family that can encourage your children to keep reading during the summer months. Pairing activities with age appropriate books can not only help your children avoid a summer slump in learning but also make reading more engaging too. Here are suggestions for educational...

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Editor’s Page

By Renee Williams   Traveling is fun! Although our family has some travel tales of woe to tell like Third Degree Sunburns, Four Flight Delays in Denver and the hilarious Grandma is a Beach tale (Happy Mother’s Day, Mom), I’ll tell you some of my most precious memories have been traveling with my family, especially with my boys Zakk and Dylan. While I was growing up, we traveled the East coast frequently. A lot of these trips were made in my mom’s 1978 Pontiac Firebird, complete with a CB radio, t-tops and no seat belts. My mom has always...

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Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Vacation Planning

By Cammie Jones While juggling day-to-day activities, it is often difficult to know what you are cooking for dinner much less know how to plan a weekend or week long family vacation. Where do you start? How do you plan the perfect vacation when you are barely getting through the day? Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling and remember, there are no “perfect vacations” so just roll with it (no pun intended), keep it real and you will successfully plan and execute an epic adventure for you and your family. 1. Pick Your Destination Are...

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