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Creativity and Cooking!

by Kim Beavers, MS, RD, LD, CDE I used to think that I had the creativity of a rock and then I started cooking for myself. Eventually, I realized that I frequently altered recipes and often changed them into completely new recipes, which indeed is a form of creativity. Fast forward 20 plus years and my daughter also prefers not to follow a recipe, which unfortunately results in a lot of inedible mess making. Admittedly, I have not been stellar at encouraging this form of creativity, especially since I am usually the clean-up crew. In an effort to practice...

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A Pretty Strong Case of The Cooties

By Karen Gordon @SayWhatScooter: Mommy, what are cuties? Mommy: Cuties? @SayWhatScooter  Yeah, cuties. Mommy: They’re those cute little tangerines… really sweet, too. @SayWhatScooter: NNOOO (with sarcasm)… cuties are something that people get on their skin. Mommy: Say what? @SayWhatScooter: Mom, I’m talking about the disease – that people have on their skin. If you touch it, you’ll catch it and get sick. (pause) Mommy: Ohhhhh, you mean COOTIES! @SayWahtScooter: Yeah, cuties. Mommy: Ok. For the past two weeks, I’ve had a pretty strong case of THE COOTIES. It was some kind of upper respiratory, sore throat, nasty cough-ish sort of...

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Raising Summer Readers

by Meredith Flory For younger children, reading in the home is hopefully part of a routine that can be used year round – bedtime stories, storytimes at local libraries or simply having easily accessible board books and picture books for them to look at are ways to encourage a love of reading year round. However, once readers become more independent and school takes up a large part of their time, it can be more difficult to help your child cultivate a love of learning related to their own curiosity, rather than “work”.  During the summer, your schedule as an...

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Editor’s Page

By Renee Williams   For decades, children have been dressing up as superheroes. Our children find comfort, even hope, in superheroes. Recently, Wonder Woman earned $600 million at the box office worldwide and after 75 years of heroics (aside from her lasso of truth, bullet proof bracelets and boomerang tiara) Wonder Woman’s true superhero power is her ability to inspire. Another part of Wonder Woman’s success story is the common narrative of “the hero’s journey,” a story that has been told in a thousand different ways with a thousand different faces. It is the story of Star Wars, The...

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Guide to Travel Sports

By Cammie Jones Way back in the olden days (the 80s), you just didn’t hear about so many kids playing travel sports and if you did know someone, it was most likely a boy playing soccer. Times have certainly changed and today you see travel football, baseball, dance, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball and more.  It’s not just for guys anymore either – girls are just as heavily involved. As a parent how can you decide if playing a travel sport is best for your child, and, maybe more importantly, for your family? PROS Team Bonding Making new friends off and...

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