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Achieving Academic Success: The Benefits and Harsh Reality of Maintaining Daily Attendance

By Dr. Dana Harris The research is in—and it’s very clear. When schools work together with families to support learning, children tend to succeed not just in school, but also throughout life.  According to the National Center for Student Engagement, schools are most effective in achieving high attendance rates when parents, school leaders and community members work together to focus on reducing absences, truancy and keeping kids in schools. Succeeding in school requires developing good habits and attendance is perhaps the single most important factor in a child achieving overall school success. Like bacteria in a hospital, chronic absenteeism can...

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Go Girl – Tiffany Hunt

By Renee Williams, Photo Credit: John Harpring   Tiffany Hunt, 29, of Grovetown, is a stay at home mom and entrepreneur. She and her husband, Leighton, have one son Tucker who is six months old and two dogs, Kira who is a Pit Bull and Baxley who is an Australian Shepherd-Boxer. Tiffany says she would describe herself in one word as: Creative. She is the former owner of Tibby’s Bakery and has plans to continue her career in culinary arts. If she could have any job, she would choose to be a personal chef. It depends on who you...

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Microbes “R” Us

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. Many parents joke that sending their children back to school is like thrusting them into a bacterial and viral caldron, and they may not be far from the truth. You are a walking zoo of microbial diversity!  In other words, you are chock-full of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and various other little creatures in every crack and crevice of your body, inside and out.  It is estimated that the average human contains somewhere in the realm of 30 trillion cells; however, many scientist project that we carry upwards of 39 trillion microbes. Think about that...

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High School Friends to Lifelong Friends

By Renee Williams “Everyone has a friend during each stage of life, but only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.” ~Anonymous These days, Thea Barry is a stay at home mom and married to her best friend, Jeramy. The couple has three children: Nola, Olive, Adah and are now in the process of adopting their fourth child. Barry graduated in 2010 from Augusta State University with degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Before becoming a stay at home mom, Barry worked in the social work field and says, “She loved it!” Barry met her best...

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Are We There Yet? Highlands, North Carolina

By Mary Ashton Mills Dust off those hiking boots, grab your portable hammock and don’t forget the picnic! Highlands offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and the cool mountain temperature provides a nice reprieve from Augusta’s thick, hot August air.  Stop at Mountain Fresh Grocery for gourmet food, home-style breakfast food, picnic fare and more.  Just a stone’s throw from there, walk over to the Highland Hiker to grab information on trails in the area, pick up the latest hiking gear or book a guided fishing trip.  Next stop: Whiteside Mountain. Whiteside Mountain is over 400 million years old...

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