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Goals & Assessments

by Meredith Flory Reading Assessments and Goals A child’s ability to master reading at their grade level can affect their performance throughout school as textbooks, test questions, and other reading materials will increase in difficulty level in all subjects.  Often I focus on building the pre-literacy skills necessary to prepare a child for learning in the classroom, however, many parents have expressed to me that once their child was in school, knowing the terminology and assessments regarding their child’s reading level can be intimidating. The speed at which curriculum and assessments change can be daunting, even to a seasoned...

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Editor’s Page

My last child is off to high school… By Renee Williams   Back to school season is upon us and I’m bracing for impact. Our home is filled with excitement, anticipation and a wee bit of nervousness. This year is bittersweet for me as my youngest son Dylan will begin his freshman year of high school. Wow! My last child is off to high school and I’m not really sure how that happened. Today, as I look at his 5’10” frame, I recall his first day of school and how I watched him walk off and wondered if he...

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Homework: To Help or Not to Help

By Cammie Jones When it comes to homework at my house, it can set the tone (good or bad) for the afternoon during the school year.  The kids come home after a long day at school, usually have a snack and then dive right in.  I’ve always grappled with how much to help them.  How much should I be helping (if at all) and at what point do I let them sink or swim? Give your child autonomy Erika A. Patell, assistant professor of educational psychology in the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin, says...

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Augusta Family Favorites 2017

Here’s your chance to tell us your Family Favorites…those people, places, restaurants, schools and spots for family fun that make our city such a unique place to live. Cast your vote for those places and people you think deserve recognition for a job well done, focusing on places that are family friendly. CLICK HERE TO VOTE TODAY! This article appears in the July 2017 issue of Augusta Family Magazine. Did you like what you read here?...

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Find Your Child’s Inner Spark

By Renee Williams Several research studies show that creative arts and athletics are two of the top interests that kids identify with. Activities such as hiking in nature, learning a subject matter like science or history, helping or serving others, taking on leadership roles, engaging in spirituality and advocating for animal welfare also made the list but arts and sports were top. Search Institute, founded in 1958 by Merton P. Strommen, Ph.D., pioneered in using social science research to understand the lives, beliefs and values of young people. Strommen introduced a framework of the interests and passions that motivate youth...

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