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Fourth of July in Augusta

Augusta’s River Region celebrates Independence Day in style with concerts and fantastic fireworks displays, live patriotic music and summer fun for the entire family. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AREA EVENTS This article appears in the June/July 2019 issue of Augusta Family Magazine. Did you like what you read here?...

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Special Kids 2019

Our Annual Guide to Special Needs Resources Throughout the CSRA Children with special needs and their families face particular challenges. Disorders and defects may be apparent at birth or present as developmental delays at a later stage. Injury and illness may impact functioning. Whatever the source or cause of a disability, the child it affects has the same basic need for love and care as other children. His or her parents want the best for their treasure now and in the future. Attaining the right services for a special needs child can turn challenges into triumphs. CLICK HERE TO...

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A Generation At Risk

The Mental Health Crisis: A Growing Epidemic – By Dr. Dana Harris   Keeping children safe from harm and providing them with a loving, stable and healthy environment is at the heart of everything parents strive to achieve. If we have been lucky enough to grow up with skillful parents, then we have probably acquired a good sense about what great parents do.  Raising children is perhaps one of the most important endeavors we undertake as humans. Children remind us of what’s most important: joy, laughter, happiness, and honest human connections. There is no training required of us to help...

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Women With Special Needs

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. I have resisted writing on this topic for a while largely due to my ignorance regarding a number of the conditions I will address, and because I wasn’t sure of the need. I was wrong.  The special needs a gynecology patient shares many of the same problems and issues as the general population yet they deserve a necessary sensitivity to their unique challenges. The first hurdle exists in the mind of the provider.  Just because a woman has autism spectrum disorder or is wheelchair bound doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the same sexual issues,...

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Talkin’ About My Generation – June/July 2019

Mariam Pierce Brown, 70, is a retired teacher, administrator (Head of Middle School at Episcopal Day School). She has two daughters, Leslie Taylor, 42 and Amanda Testa 45 One word you would use to describe yourself: Survivor What qualities do you most admire?  Integrity and honesty Is there an important life lesson you’ve learned?  My husband died of early onset Alzheimer’s at 61 and I’m a breast cancer survivor so…love more, laugh more and enjoy each new day! What would surprise people about you?  I play the ukulele. Best thing about being a mom?  Watching my children grow and...

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Family Favorites Ballot 2019

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