Author: Michael Rushbrook

A Merry Mix Up

By Karen Gordon It’s that time of year when children are making their list and checking it – or make that changing it – twice! Julia Reynolds was three-years-old last Christmas and her little wish list consisted of mostly princess costumes for playing dress-up. If you asked her on the fly what she wanted for Christmas, the two things you would definitely hear: a green Elsa dress and green Elsa shoes. For two solid months, the child told anyone who asked and everyone who would listen that she was getting a green Elsa dress for Christmas. Santa Claus and at...

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Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts

By Dustin Turner In a nondescript building that looks more like a warehouse than a gym, Mark Greubel turns uncoordinated, nonathletic – and often overweight – people into kickboxing world champions. His true passion, however, is helping people. It started when he was growing up in the Barton Village area of Augusta. “I was about 14 when I got in a street fight over racist stuff. This guy thought I was Chinese and wanted to fight me for some reason,” Mark says, pointing out that he is Korean. “So I got into a street fight with this kid, and...

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Small Steps to a Healthier You

By Cammie Jones   It happens every year. I make a pledge to enjoy the holidays and not be a stress case. I promise myself that I will “remember the reason for the season” and sit back, slow down and just enjoy friends, family, holiday music and decorations. I WILL NOT BE STRESSED AND I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT TAKE IT OUT ON MY FAMILY! Well, all those promises pretty much fly out the window the moment I realize how many days exist until Christmas or that my Etsy order will not be in on time unless I pay a...

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The Gift Of Quality Time

by Meredith Flory   The month of December is a hectic time for many families.  Filled with holiday celebrations, recitals and school activities, there’s a rush of shopping, working, and events that may leave your family having fun, but feeling frazzled.  However, as we enter the new year, if you then find a lull in your family calendar, the last few days of break or the following weekends of cold, dreary winter days, can be the perfect time to reconnect with your children and spend one-on-one time away from distractions and the daily routine of parenting.  Planning a “date”...

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Editor’s Page

In this double issue of Augusta Family, we feature Paige Tucker’s Christmas Eve mishap in her Mom to Mom column, Kim Beaver’s Winter Fresh Salad, Dustin Turner’s Inspiration Station and the magic of Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts program along with many other columns. Getting in alignment with the true spirit of the holidays, we also feature Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church ’s 8th annual Reid on the Run on February 2, honoring the life and memory of Sarah Rhoads. There is something really magical and beautiful about winter. Bright chilly mornings and the clean vivid smell of cold travels straight...

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