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Sip, Savor & Celebrate!

by Kim Beavers, MS, RD, LD, CDE   Healthy holiday eating is a frequent topic this time of year. It comes up time and time again (every year to be exact!). I often wonder if people really want me to tell them what not to eat during this festive season of the year? Turns out, there is quite an interest in healthy holiday eating and for that, we should celebrate!  Healthy eating is important all year long but it is more challenging during times when we gather together to eat, drink and be merry. Here are three of my...

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A Heart of Gratitude

It’s no coincidence to me that you cannot spell gratitude without (most letters of!) attitude. For many of us, thankfulness and gratefulness play such an integral role in the way we feel and the way we act. There’s an abundance of gratitude quotes online. I think that shows we want to be grateful… to show our gratefulness. We know deep down it affects everything.   If I’m having a tough day or getting bogged down in the stresses of everyday life, I try to step back and make a mental list of things for which I’m thankful. Make no...

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Reed Creek Nature Park & Interpretive Center

By Aimee Serafin • Photo by Dawn Howard   Reed Creek Nature Park & Interpretive Center is a nature preserve within the limits of our growing community. It is located just off Furys Ferry Road across from West Lake subdivision. The park offers a one-third mile raised boardwalk that is open for joggers or walkers to experience the sights and sounds of nature while exercising. Attraction-goers can enjoy all the wetlands has to offer in plants and critters like cattails, river otters, woodpeckers, and deer while strolling along the willow-lined boardwalk. There are six different habitat exhibits­– creek, floodplain forest,...

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Is Your Child Involved in Too Much?

By Rachael Moshman   Back to school means a return to extracurricular activities for many children. Some children are out of the house nearly every night of the week. I have worked with children and families as a resource coordinator and mentor for many years. When parents come to me with academic or behavioral concerns regarding their children, I quickly ask about their activities after school. If the list is long, my advice is usually to scale back and see if things turn around. Most schools and communities have an abundance of choices for children to be involved in...

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Children’s Hospital of Georgia

  Stronger Together As a baby, Lucas was one who never ran out of energy. So when he got a fever, his mom, Danielle, didn’t worry too much. After all, it was flu season, and her then-six-year-old was still running around like he always did. But then one week went by. His doctor checked, and sent him home with an antibiotic for an ear infection. Then another week of fever. Tests came back negative for the flu, and his doctor sent him home again. Then another week. By this time, Danielle was starting to worry. Her always-running 6-year-old was...

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