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Augusta Family Favorites 2017

By Renee Williams What are your Family Favorites in the CSRA? We polled readers, tallied the votes and have come up with a list of favorite restaurants, medical professionals, retailers and more. So, without further adieu, here are our 2017 winners…   Jazz/Hip Hop Dance Lessons  1. Cutno 2. Pulse Dance Center 3. Kane & Co   Ballet Lessons 1. Colton Ballet School (formerly Augusta Ballet) 2. Columbia County Ballet 3. Kane & Co   Music Lessons 1. Portman’s 2. Rock Bottom Music 3. Laurie Orth   Performing Arts Group 1. Augusta Players 2. Musical Theatre Workshops 3. Colton Ballet Company...

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Garrett Gordon (GarrettG) Rocket League Teen Champion

By Meredith Flory  If you find Chris and Ryan Gordon in their home in Evans, Georgia, in front of a television cheering on their son’s competition loudly, wearing team jerseys and posting updates on social media, you might assume that their son is a star athlete in a sport like soccer, basketball, track, or football.  But would you have guessed all this cheering is to support a video game competition? While tournaments have existed throughout the history of video gaming, E-sports have recently developed a much larger following.  Garrett Gordon, only 16, is a rising star and since competing in...

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Could This Be Bulimia? 7 Telltale Signals You Don’t Want to Miss

By Christina Katz Jennifer noticed a recent change in her daughter Kylie once she turned 13. Kylie was once a rambunctious child who loved rough and tumble games with her two big brothers, and who was seldom afraid to speak her mind. But lately, Kylie had become more withdrawn and touchy. Jenifer noticed that she was less and less interested in interacting with her brothers and she did not bounce back from their little sister taunts and teases as easily as she once had. Kylie was reading a lot of articles online about dieting and fasting and Jennifer had even...

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Go Girl – Leslie Gibson

By Renee Williams, Photo Credit: John Harpring Leslie, affectionately known as “Elle,” is a Field Services Consultant for Jan-Pro Augusta-Aiken. She has two daughters, Kelsey, 19 and Amelia, 13. Kelsey  volunteers at Camp Cocoon, a camp for children who have recently lost a parent, and Amelia is a professional actress and singer so the family travels a lot for auditions, performances, and filming. The family has two dogs, Cosette, an 11 year old Malit-Poo, and Bijou, a 10 year old toy poodle. Leslie enjoys immersive travel, kayaking, live music, sporting events, the theatre and festivals. One word to describe...

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Choose Wisely

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. I love to classify things.  It helps me understand the world when I can put things into categories that make sense.  Unfortunately these categories may not make any sense to the rest of the world, so often I am a bit hesitant to share.  For example, I find it helpful to classify time as pre-Lucy and post-Lucy.  By this I don’t mean Lucy the 3.2 million year old Australopithecus hominid rumored to be our ancestor, I mean the red headed zany comedian Lucille Ball. One useful classification tool is in characterizing diseases. Virtually every...

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Augusta Family Favorites in the CSRA

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