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2019 Camp Guide

By Naimah Shaw The long, lazy days of summer are right around the corner! Finally, the moment children anticipate and look forward to all year long, but simultaneously the moment that many parents also dread. The phrase, “I’m bored!” can be a chronic stressor on parents but look no further than the detailed CSRA’s Summer Camp Guide where you can find anything you desire from art, music, STEM, tennis, rowing, golf and SO much more! A CHILD’S WORLD 4204 Columbia Rd., Martinez, 706-860-0059. 3549 Windsor Spring Road, Hephzibah, 706-796-3505. 3118 Augusta Tech Drive, Augusta, 706-798-5547. 7100 Evans Town Center Blvd....

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Summer Camp-Learning

Making Friends and Having Fun – By Dr. Dana Harris   Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers… brace yourself as elementary, middle and high schools prepare to close its doors for summer break in just a few short weeks! As the thrill of warmer temperatures, sunny beaches and images of a luxurious vacation begin to emerge, for those of you with school-age kids, it also means pulling out the summer calendar and those appealing catalogs in hopes of finding the most suitable activities guaranteed to keep your kids physically active and socially engaged during the hot summer months ahead. Summer camps are a...

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Healthy Golf

By J. Ron Eaker, M.D. April in Augusta means one thing…pollen!  But there is also a little sporting event that seems to capture the hearts and minds of the known universe, so in homage to The Masters, here is how to both play and watch golf in a healthy fashion. Like anyone wants to do that! Like many things, Tiger Woods ushered in the era of the muscular, fit, healthy appearing golfer.  Compare his physique to those pros of the past (i.e. a young and portly Jack Nicklaus) and you can see a drastic difference in the current attention...

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Talkin’ About My Generation – April 2019

George Hagan, 70, lives in Aiken and is retired. He has two sons, Chris (48) and Greg (41) and two dogs, Bonnie and Ben, a Yorkie and Maltese. What quality do you admire: Loyalty. If you had a super power, what would it be: Invisible. Hobby: Photography. Lesson: To be more patient and kind to people. Most admire: My father. Favorite subject in school: History. Inspires me now: Young people that display good character and respect. Favorite College Team: South Carolina Gamecocks. Song in my head: More of a playlist of oldies: Good Ole’ Boys Like Me…Don Williams.  ...

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Getting Green in the Kitchen

by Kim Beavers, MS, RD, LD, CDE Did you know that Americans throw out 40% of their food? That is almost half–which is alarming, especially when you think about how almost half of the energy, water and land used for farming are wasted—YIKES! The food that ends up in landfills then creates additional methane gas (greenhouse gases). So what can we do to be more environmentally friendly eaters? Any good dietitian would tell you to eat your produce vs. throwing it out because it is good for both you and the environment. Two things we can do in this...

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