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2018 Camp Guide

By Naimah Shaw The long, lazy days of summer are right around the corner! Finally, the moment children anticipate and look forward to all year long, but simultaneously the moment that many parents also dread. The phrase, “I’m bored!” can be a chronic stressor on parents but look no further than the detailed CSRA’s Summer Camp Guide where you can find anything you desire from art, music, STEM, tennis, rowing, golf and SO much more! 4P STUDIOS La Pavilion Shopping Center, 106 Pleasant Home Rd., Suite 2S, Augusta. 706-267-6724. Please call for additional details. A CHILD’S WORLD 4204 Columbia Rd.,...

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Junior Players Golf Academy

By Naimah Shaw For us locals, Spring Break is a time to enjoy the sport of golf that brings this city alive but the question remains: “How does one even get to the heights of collegiate golfing, let alone, professional golf?” I had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Bach, from the Junior Players Golf Academy (JPGA), and he had answers to questions that many of us ask when it comes to youth and golfing. Augusta Family: What is JPGA’s main role? Bach: The JPGA’s main role is to prepare students to play golf on the collegiate level and positively deal...

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Georgia’s Other Peach: The Vidalia® Onion

by Kim Beavers, MS, RD, LD, CDE In 1990, the Vidalia® became the official state vegetable of Georgia. Mild winters, regular rain and low sulfur soil  gives South Georgia its peach or claim to fame the “Vidalia® Onion.” Harvest season is quickly approaching and it, like all good things, comes to an end—lasting only about twelve weeks. Fortunately, due to improved technology (controlled atmosphere) Vidalia’s are available through fall and up to the holiday season. While the short growing season (late April through June) may make you cry, Vidalia’s themselves produce fewer tears when cut than spicier onions. The...

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June 20, 2016

By Karen Gordon It was 200 degrees outside and the mosquitoes got to their busywork as early as sunrise. Our family was getting moved into our new house, Bossman was at work, LeScoot and his cousin were at day camp and my nephew was helping me with the fun task of packing up boxes of stuff. As in, “stuff” that we should’ve gotten rid of when the big kids moved out years ago. Our new lawn guy was scheduled to lay the foundation for a beautiful backyard garden with the option of a water feature (but probably not…you know…mosquitoes). Upon...

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The First Tee of Augusta

By Dustin Turner On a brisk March afternoon at The First Tee of Augusta, a group of students cheered each other on as they practiced putting a tennis ball on a golf green. Loud pop music played in the background. Obviously, this isn’t your average golf lesson and that’s okay with First Tee of Augusta Executive Director, Jill Brown. “The main thing is to make sure the kids have a great experience and that they are actually learning the core values and apply them on the golf course and away from the course,” Brown says. The First Tee of Augusta...

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