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Birthday Party Etiquette & Tips

By Cammie Jones   When it comes to planning your child’s birthday party, a fun experience can quickly turn stressful. Birthday parties have changed over the years— throwing out a grocery store sheet cake with ice cream and paper party hats has morphed into elaborate bakery-themed cakes, hired entertainment and detailed goodie bags. So, how can you keep the party special without breaking the bank? Is there a way to manage the invitation list without hurting anyone’s feelings? There is no perfect way to do this, but there are some reasonable guidelines to keep all of the above in...

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Decluttering Your Phone in 2020

By Cammie Jones   With the approaching New Year, decluttering and tidying is always something that comes to mind. How can I clean up my act, my house, my body or my attitude? Where does one start? After years of trying to do ALL of these things as a fresh year approaches, I thought starting with the phone would be a useful and attainable goal to kick off being organized in 2020. 1. Delete Emails It is difficult for me to delete emails. So, when I look at how many email messages are on my phone I get a...

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Five Ways Children Can Show Gratitude Every Day

By Cammie Jones   As we enter the season of Thanksgiving and the holidays, we are bombarded with advertisements, social media and great stories about helping others. These stories are wonderful examples of how our community is making the world a better place. I am often reminded of how important simple, everyday acts of gratitude and kindness make a difference in our lives and the lives of our children. Here are a few ways we can encourage our children to show gratitude daily. 1. Gratitude Jar During November, ask your children to write down something they are thankful for...

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Teaching Your Teen Life Skills

By Cammie Jones   Our teens may be able to navigate their smart phone, tablet or computer like no other but I worry about their abilities in the real world. Can they do a load of laundry, fill out a check, balance a checkbook or boil an egg? These are just a few of the key life skills needed by our children— especially before they head off on their own. 1. Basic Kitchen Skills Besides navigating the microwave, it is important that your child knows how to cook on a stovetop and in an oven. Following basic instructions on...

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