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Welcome, Graham

I have a younger sister. A much-younger sister.

There are times when this is a wonderful thing. I mean, being the kid-lover that I have always been, it was a blast to come home from high school to enjoy the baby talk, milestones and carefree smiles of an infant and toddler.

There have been times when this isn’t such a wonderful thing, as well. Especially heading off to college to leave your much-younger sister to accomplish those milestones while you’re nine hours away from home.

Fast-forward to Leslie’s middle school years. Things were back in the wonderful zone. Instead of feeling like a sister, I felt more like a “cool aunt” and made an effort to spend meaningful time with Leslie, creating a bond that would eventually lead to one of the strongest friendships I have as an adult.

The downside? Our nearly 15-year age difference means that when Leslie crosses an “age” milestone—say, turning 20—it means I’m crossing an even bigger age milestone just a few months behind her. (Hint: Leslie will turn 35 in January, so that makes me…urgh!)

Now that my children are nearly grown, there’s one positive that continues to make having a much-younger sister wonderful: Babies!

In late September, Leslie and her husband, Cory, welcomed their second son, Graham Michael Marcus. He joins his 3-year-old brother, Gage, as one of the biggest perks to having a much-younger sister. (Gage, by the way, has decided that I officially go by a one-word name—Aunt. Kind of cool, like Cher, Bono or Prince…)

Congratulations, Leslie and Cory, on your new bundle of joy! I can’t wait to spend hours and hours smooching him up!

Until November,


Karin Calloway is a wife and mother of two teenagers. She’s also a journalist and recipe developer who writes the Wednesday cooking column for The Augusta Chronicle. You can follow Karin at Check out Karin’s cooking blog at

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