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Talkin' May / June 2012

Doug Duncan, Collin Hovater and Carrie McAteer

Doug Duncan

Doug Duncan - Talkin About My Generation

Doug Duncan, 49, of Martinez, is vice president of Management, Analysis and Utilization, Inc., is married to Jean and is the father of three.
Likes To: Play golf and hunt.
Summer Vacation Plans: My wife has not yet decided. I’ll let you know when she tells me.
Favorite Family Activity: Hanging out together at the lake.
Favorite Indulgence: Taking time off work to volunteer at the Masters.
Words He Lives By: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill
Friends Say He’s: Driven.
Favorite Place To Be: In my wife’s arms. (Can I say that?)
Message in a Bottle: Focus on what really matters...relationships with the ones you love.

Collin Hovater

Colin Hovater

Collin Hovater, 6, is the son of Russ and Sarah Hovater, has four siblings and a dog named Miles.
Likes To: Play baseball.
Favorite Possession: Baseball mitt and ball.
Summer Vacation Plans: Would like to go camping.
Favorite Family Activity: Play puzzles.
Favorite Place To Be: Monkey Joe’s.
Favorite Indulgence: Bacon.
Biggest Fear: Bad guys.
Admires the Most: Jordan. (His 9th-grader cousin.)
Song Playing in His Head: Dare To Stand Like Joshua. (A hymn.)
Is Reading: The Bible.
Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Chocolate.

Carrie McAteer

Carrie McAteer

Carrie McAteer, 33, of Evans, is married to Jamie. They have two young sons, Cohen, 4, and Fred, 2. She is a clinical research associate at Georgia Health Sciences University and a student at Augusta State University completing pre-requisites for post-baccalaureate certification in Public Health Administration.
Likes To: Play with my husband and kids at the park or play games on the Wii.
Summer Vacation Plans: None yet­—we spent all our “spare” funds on sprucing up our new house and yard.
Favorite Indulgence: Gourmet chocolates—bon bons, truffles, solid or filled—I love them all.
Favorite Place To Be: My awesomely comfortable bed.
Words She Lives By: “I like things to happen; and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.” -Winston Churchill
Friends Say She’s: Funny.


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