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Time To Vote!

This is an election year, so voting is “top of mind” these days.

Not only are there a national, state and local elections coming up in November, but this month, on July 31, local voters will have the opportunity to vote in the primary for the republican congressional nomination for the 12th district, which includes Richmond and Columbia Counties along with many of the surrounding counties. The winner will run against incumbent democrat John Barrow this November.

Politics aside, there’s another important vote on the horizon this month: The Augusta Family Favorites.

Each year, Augusta Family Magazine polls our readers to find out their favorite local eateries, healthcare providers, photographers, dance instructors and so much more. Not only is it fun to know where fellow parents are dining and enjoying some family time, it’s a great list to help those new to the CSRA find their way to your favorite spots.

Voting closes in mid-July, so don’t delay in heading over to and casting your vote!

While you’re pondering your Family Favorites, I hope you’ll enjoy perusing this issue of the magazine. July is traditionally our Arts and Sports issue and this year we’re approaching the topics in a new way. First, Monica Dutcher ponders the question of stereotyping children based on their gender. What if your son prefers the arts or your daughter wants to join the football team? You’ll find her feature on page 22.

Then there’s the question of how much time your children should spend pursuing their artist and athletic interests. How many activities are enough? How many are two much? Lucy Adams seeks to answers these questions in her article on page 24.

This is an information-packed issue, as you’ll also find information on expanding your children’s vocabulary over the summer and learn about an inspiring family of musicians from nearby Appling, Ga.

You’ll also want to check out Lucy Adams’ article on road rage and aggressive driving on page 28. Although the subject has nothing to do with arts or sports, it is an important topic for parents, as little eyes are definitely watching how you behave behind the wheel.

Don’t forget to vote! Until July,


Karin Calloway is a wife and mother of two teenagers. She’s also a journalist and recipe developer who writes the Wednesday cooking column for The Augusta Chronicle ( You can follow Karin at Check out Karin’s cooking blog at

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